Okanagan Forest Task Force to clean up dump site near James Lake – Kelowna News

‘A very large problem’

Several recent posts to a Kelowna Facebook group have drawn attention to illegal dumping and squatting campsite along James Lake in Kelowna.

The site is located up Goudie Road.

Okanagan Forest Task Force founder Kane Blake says despite the visible mess, there is a lot more garbage than what the photo shows.

“We have known about it for a year. There is a process though. We have to get a bin in order, we have to make sure there are no people there and actively still staying there. You have to get all your ducks in a row to make sure everything goes seamlessly.”

Blake says there are a number of heavy items on the site.

“There is an engine block laying on the ground. So we are going to need equipment to lift these in. We are going to get it all cleaned up. It will take a full day.”

“We have visited the site a few times and there is nothing livable there it is all just left behind,” Blake said.

Blake says the group will clean up the site and the area surrounding the camp.

“This has pretty much become a full-time job for myself and a few of us. We are in the backcountry and constantly pulling out garbage, scrap metal and everything. It is becoming a very large problem and it is growing. We are always trying to tell people and raise awareness ‘keep your eyes out for things. If you see it let us know, let the RDCO know.’ We have a spot on our website where you can report garbage so we know where we are cleaning before we even get there.”

Those interested in the clean-up can find out more information on the OFTF Facebook page.

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