Oldham-born woman is using TikTok to trace her biological dad

A woman born in Oldham who discovered her dad was not her biological father after doing a heritage DNA kit is using TikTok to trace her ‘bio dad’.

Two years ago, Karen Reilly, 43, was given a heritage DNA kit as a Christmas present from her husband and made the shocking discovery that the man who had raised her was not her biological father.

Karen, who went to Hathershaw College in Oldham, has now launched a search using the social media platform TikTok to track down her biological parent who she refers to as her ‘bio dad’.

In a video posted on TikTok Karen explains to the camera: “I was born in Oldham in 1979 and I desperately need your help if you have or know somebody with the surname Crossley, Allen, Johnson, Culley or Kershaw.”

Karen adds: “Two years ago I got an ancestry heritage DNA kit as a gift, just as a bit of fun really for the family tree, long story short I found out my dad is not my biological dad, and I am on the search for answers.

“My mum can’t or won’t give me a name.”

In the video, the camera then pans to a series of names written on post-it notes by Karen and stuck to a wall.

The post-it notes include the names Samuel Herbert Crossley and Polly Allen who Karen says she knows are “definitely” her great grandparents. 

Karen also knows that they had at least two children, Kenneth Crossley and Norman Crossley, and that Norman Crossley, her potential grandfather, married a Mary Johnson and the couple had two children born in Oldham called Joan Crossley and Jill Crossley.

Karen has also discovered that Jill Crossley was married twice. Her first husband was called Bernard Culley and her second was Phillip Kershaw.

In the video, Karen asks: “I’m just asking does anyone know these names?” before later adding, “I know this is a long shot but if you don’t ask then you don’t know.”

In a separate video posted later on TikTok she asks her followers: “Is there a slight possibility I look like someone you know?

“I’m Karen, I’m from Oldham and I’m trying to find out the impossible.”

To watch Karen’s videos on TikTok and help her search go to https://www.tiktok.com/@karenakaginger or look for @karenakaginger on the app.

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