One-Hit Wonders And whether they deserved better

Last thoughts:

Once you have listened to all of these, it becomes really clear how difficult it is for an artist to score the second hit. Some of these artists failed because they tried to cut and paste the formula for their first hit, while others failed because they completely changed the style that the audience loved. And for groups, the pressure of keeping a top-notch band together often led to a premature breakup.

However, the most basic explanation for their one-hit-wonder status is this: They did not deliver a follow-up single as memorable as their hit.

In the end, the recipe for returning to the top of the charts is easy … just record another song that manages to reach the sky, scoop up some magic and capture it in three minutes of sound. Easier said than done, of course!

Finally, if any of these artists are reading this, you should know that it is an incredible achievement to be a one-hit wonder! You climbed to the top of the music world, and even though it did not last long, you were able to look down and see every single musician in the world staring up at you, they all wanted and hoped – and dreamed of how it would be achieving what you just did.

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