Ottawa police are investigating a possible shooting at the McNabb Recreation Center

Ottawa police say they are investigating property damage that may have been caused by a firearm at the McNabb Recreation Center at 180 Percy Street.

On Friday night, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson tweeted that he was “concerned” that a shooting was taking place outside a “vaccination clinic” at the McNabb Center. He later corrected that tweet to say it was near a vaccine distribution center.

The center distributes items such as syringes, cotton balls and personal protective equipment to clinics, but not the actual vaccines, according to Ottawa Public Health. There is no public access to the facility.

“We are fortunate that there were no injuries – but I am thinking of our staff who were present and played a key role in vaccinating our residents,” Watson wrote.

The McNabb Center has also been used as a pop-up COVID-19 test site throughout the pandemic. Friday was open between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.

Police said they responded to the property damage call around 6 p.m. 19.10. They did not confirm whether the injury was related to Ottawa Public Health’s activities at the site.

Paramedics confirmed to CBC that they did not attend the scene.

The municipality will not comment further as police are still investigating, according to a statement from the mayor’s press secretary, Patrick Champagne.

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