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Chamber question IH calls

The Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce issued a statement Friday night questioning the logic behind the “inconsistent approach to COVID-19 and vaccinations across the province imposed by the BC province’s health officer.”

The business authority pressed for answers as to why the Home Region continues to see restrictions when there is “significant inequality” while being lifted in other parts of the province.

“Internal businesses, like businesses around the province, have been and continue to do their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by following all public health orders,” their statement said.

Further, the chamber added that they do not understand the continuation of the restrictions as long as the required companies comply with the mandate for vaccine passports.

“Penticton has one of the highest rates of fully vaccinated, eligible residents in the province, but our business continues to suffer from reduced capacity.” Nicole Clark, former president of the Penticton & Wine Country Chamber of Commerce said in a statement. “Are our double-vaccinated people less protected than those who received their shots elsewhere in the province? We call for an immediate halt to these unfair restrictions.”

Provincial health worker Dr. Bonnie Henry announced on October 19 that capacity restrictions at sporting events and concerts would be lifted on October 25, after the vaccine pass system came into full force with a two-dose requirement. However, regional restrictions imposed by health authorities such as Interior Health could remain in place.

Interior Health has not yet provided an update on capacity limits. On October 26, Provincial Health Officer Bonnie Henry said the issue was being investigated on a daily basis and that a decision would likely be made in the coming week.

“Given the enormous challenge that all companies have faced since the beginning of the pandemic, it should be an opportunity for all BC companies to return to full capacity and lift restrictions while following the Covid safety orders and not based on regions. That’s why the vaccine passport is in place, “the department added.

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