Porsha Williams surprises fans with first look at her reality TV show starring her current fiancé and former fiancée

Porsha Williams the new “Real Housewives of Atlanta” spinoff “Porsha’s Family Matters” trailer was released on October 25, and the clip has fans reacting on social media.

The Bravo spin-off features Williams and her surprising engagement to businessman Simon Guobadia.

Porsha Williams Porsha's family means something

Porsha Williams appears in the trailer for her new reality show, “Porsha’s Family Matters”. (Photo: Bravo)

The engagement announcement surprised “RHOA” fans because Guobadia’s divorce from former “RHOA” cast member Falynn Guobadia had been announced just a month earlier. Williams reportedly brought Faylnn on as a friend of the show.

“Porsha’s Family Matters” also has her mother, two aunts and her sister. Williams’ former fiancé and CEO of The Original Hot Dog Factory, Dennis McKinley, also appears in the reality show. McKinley and Williams share a 2-year-old daughter, Pilar Jhena McKinley.

Williams’ relationship with the hot dog entrepreneur took place on “RHOA”, where the two ended their romance in part due to McKinley cheating while Williams was pregnant. The couple reconciled and their engagement was shown on “RHOA”.

However, the two eventually ended their relationship and became co-parents. The trailer footage teases the conflict between Guobadia and McKinley. One can hear Guobadia say “You must stay away from my business.”

During the trailer, a family member is also seen questioning how Williams could get engaged to a married man. Her sister, Lauren, questions how her sister and Guobadia could have been engaged in two weeks. Guobadia has been married three times. Williams is divorced from former professional football player Kordell Stewart.

“The optics don’t look great because people don’t have all the facts,” Williams admitted.

The trailer was released on October 25, and fans reacted to the drama seen in the clip, including Williams breaking down and what looked like a physical altercation between unknown parties.

Several fans were excited about “Porsha’s Family Matters” and commented on what looked like a sort of altercation during the dramatic trailer. Some thought crew members were fighting, and others thought Williams might be involved.

“Like I did not see Porsha’s trailer all day and now I see someone throwing a glass and she uses the BOOM to hit someone ??? What’s going on.”

“I can see why they extended the filming for a Porsha show !! Chile, that happened a LOT !!!”

“Wait so Porsha assaulted her whole family and a cameraman in her show?”

“After watching the #PorshasFamilyMatters trailer … I understand why she’s not signing up for s14 of #rhoa This spin-off is where it is! That’s why we have to wait a little longer.”

“Kenya fans / Porsha haters right now:
#RHOA #PorshasFamilyMatters. “

“Puha !!! The trailer for Porsha’s show was CRAZY !! I’m so ready for the premiere !! ”

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha’s Family Matters” premieres on November 28th.

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