Pro-vaccine Fox News host receives CNN anchor support over death threats | CNN

CNN anchor Jake Tapper reached across the political aisle last Friday to support Neil Cavuto, a Fox News host who received death threats after asking viewers to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Speaking to the camera, Tapper said: “We do not often mention our competitors, but Fox channel anchored to us from 4. [pm] until 5 eastern, Neil Cavuto, has been in the news.

“… Neil is a survivor. He has multiple sclerosis, he’s had open heart surgery, he had cancer in stage four, and he’s now fighting Covid.

“Neil recently talked about the importance of vaccines on air, precisely to protect people like him who have compromised the immune system.

“Now, many in the audience watching have unfortunately been lied to about vaccines by others. Neil has received death threats for his simple, logical, science-based call for vaccinations.”

More than 745,000 people have died from Covid-19 in the United States. Amid widespread opposition to vaccinations and vaccine mandates, especially among Republican voters, some Fox News hosts, including primetime star Tucker Carlson, have pushed for right-wing discussion points and conspiracy theories.

Others have called for vaccinations. Fox News requires staff to be vaccinated or undergo daily tests.

Cavuto pleaded last Sunday, telling his own network Media Buzz show: “My God, stop politics. Life is too short to be an ass. Life is too short to be unaware of the promise of something that helps people all over stop the deaths, stop the suffering, please get vaccinated, thank you. “

He said he had heard ‘from a lot of people in constantly ugly emails,’ You are a Never Trumper ‘, or you are this or’ We do not trust you, we do not believe in a word, you are proverbial. ‘ And it’s just from my family. ”

Later, on Fox Business, he shared messages about his vaccination request. Some were positive. Other smaller.

One said, “I admire your remarkable strength through so much adversity, but let me give you some advice. Shut up and enjoy the fact that you are not dead. For now.”

On his own show, Your World, Cavuto repeated his vaccination call and presented more disturbing messages.

“It’s clear you’ve lost something with all this,” said one. “Good for you. But I’m not happy with less of you. I want ‘none’ of you. I want you away. Dead. Caput. Fini. Get it? Now take your two-bit advice, deep-six that and you! ”

On CNN, Tapper said: “Neil Cavuto is a gentleman, Neil Cavuto does not deserve it. Get strong, we wish you health and a long, long life.”

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