Racist signs in Redondo Beach residential area removed – NBC Los Angeles

Redondo Beach police were working to find the source of “racist and insensitive signage” that was found early Saturday morning attached to supply poles in a residential area of ​​the city.

Police were contacted about the paper signs around 6 p.m., Sgt. Mark Valdivia of the Redondo Beach Police Department. He said the signs were in a residential area in the northern part of the city, but would not disclose the exact location due to the ongoing investigation.

Valdivia told the City News Service that the signs “were aimed at a specific race”, but declined to specify which race, again due to the investigation.

The signs were quickly removed from the use poles, he added.

“These signs are intolerable and do not reflect the core values ​​of the city of Redondo Beach,” he said. “We urge everyone to report similar signage to the city so we can take immediate action to remove it. The city of Redondo Beach is an inclusive community. This type of speech is hurtful and divisive and should not be tolerated in our city.”

Anyone with information about the signs was asked to call police at 310-379-2477.


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