Sailsbury train crash: Emergency operation in progress as two trains collide in tunnel

Police, fire and ambulance crews are on the scene of a two-train crash in Salisbury, Wiltshire.

The collision took place in the Fisherton Tunnel, on the north-east side of Salisbury near Laverstock Junction, where the line from the south coast joins the line from London.

GWR Portsmouth to the Bristol service at 17.08 hit an object and derailed, knocking out signals, Network Rail said.

It was then hit by the 17.20 Southwestern Railway London Waterloo for the Honiton train.

“We are currently responding to an incident at the Fisherton Tunnel, Salisbury,” the British Transport Police said. “The officers were called at 6.46pm tonight after reports that a train derailed. We are on the scene along with paramedics and firefighters.”

Angela Mattingly, who was on the train, said: “Everything turned black and there were red flashes and everything.

‘Suddenly there was a lot of pushing, belongings being thrown around and I think a few people went forward and hit their heads. You just do not know for a few seconds what is happening.

“People started panicking, but no one was seriously injured.”

All passengers have been evacuated and injuries are believed to be limited to “walking injured”.

The driver is trapped after the accident was released from his cab and driven to the hospital – but is not seriously injured, sources confirm.

Emergency services, including about 50 firefighters, attended Sunday night with a critical incident that was declared.

A Network Rail spokesman said: “Around 7pm tonight, the rear carriage of the 1708 Great Western Railway service derailed from Portsmouth Harbor to Bristol Temple Meads after hitting an object as it approached Salisbury station.

‘The derailment knocked out all signaling in the area. Subsequently, the 1720 South Western Railway service from London Waterloo to Honiton collided with the Bristol train. “

The derailed train was thought to be on the side, but the South Western Railway train is standing upright.

A mother who was out tricking or treating with her family nearby compared the noise from the crash to “a bomb” and “thunder.”

Tamar Vellacott said she went outside with her young children, mother and partner at Jewell Close, Bishopdown, about a mile from the site.

“It was a noise we’ve never heard before … my young people started panicking and thought it was a bomb and we said a truck might have crashed on London Road and not panicked, told the 25-year-old PA. .

“There was no scream like brakes, just a long rumble like thunder hitting the railroad line.”

A spokesman for the Office of Rail and Road said: “We support Network Rail and the train operators, plus RAIB (Rail Accident Investigation Branch) and the UK Transport Police regarding the collision between two trains near Salisbury Tunnel Junction and emergency response services. the incident. “

The Secretary General of the Transport Salaried Staffs Association, Manuel Cortes, said the incident was “a very sober reminder of why the safety of our railways is always paramount”.

The area has been affected by huge amounts of surface water from torrential rains, although it is unclear if the weather was involved in the incident.

The line is closed as emergency services “do their job,” GWR said.

An intruder was removed from that track by the tunnel on Saturday, according to a report in Salisbury Journal.

The man was spotted by a driver but was removed by police.

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