Saul’s Sandwiches South Melbourne Drive-Thru

The minds behind Saul’s Sandwiches, Leor Haimes, Elliot and Alex Koren are not ones for slowing down the pace. After building their deli-sandwich operation to a total of three venues in Carnegie, Bentleigh and Hawthorn, the duo has now set their sights on a fourth, and it’s opening Friday 18 March.

Coming in strong on the convenience front, the latest Saul’s instalment is a six-month pop-up drive-thru store on Kingsway in South Melbourne. And to celebrate, they’re putting on sangas at a very modest $10 alongside their custard puffs at $4 a pop from Friday 18 March through Sunday 20 March.

Playing off their nostalgic 50s American diner aesthetic, the new sandwich destination will be adorned in their now-signature red with white checkerboarding. 

Speaking to co-owner, Leor on the new pop-up and drive-thru venture he commented “it kind of just all came together.” The menu will feature a range of the all-star Saul’s menu including the chicken parm and eggplant cutlet with a couple of toasties being omitted due to the time restrictions “because it’s a drive-thru, people want stuff pretty fast,” laughs Leor.

As well as the sangas, they’ll also be churning out Clark St Coffee to early-morning punters as well as their highly-coveted custard puffs. You’ll be able to spin through to the Kingsway drive-thru in your wheels for a sanga when it opens later in March.  Keep an eye out for all Saul’s developments over here. 

For the opening weekend, Saul’s Sandwiches drive-thru will be open from 5am to 4pm on Friday, 6am to 4pm on Saturday and 7am to 4am Sunday. Regular hours to follow.

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Image credit: Seb Godfrey (supplied) 

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