Scientists determine that great white sharks are “lumps” with “unrefined visual palettes” that can tell no difference between delicately exquisite seals and wild, fat surfers!

Tougher than diamonds, rich as cream.

The power of love is a strange thing, make a man cry, make another man sing. Switch a hawk to a little white dove, more than a feeling, it’s the power of love. Harder than diamonds, rich as cream, stronger and harder than a bad girl’s dream. Do a bad one a good one, do a wrong one right, the power of love will keep you at home at night and possibly also nurture a World Surf League Championship Tour title.

Brazilian Gabriel Medina’s run throughout the year was super magnificent. One of the best seasons, from start to finish, in the 45-year history of professional surfing. He could not do anything wrong, bear the pressure, the weight, the stress with a light smile, a laconic interview style never seen before.

The surf audience immediately credited his new wife, the extraordinarily beautiful model Yasmin Brunet, for the transformation.

Gone was the sadness of stepfather Charlie. Always present the warm hazy glow of blonde Brunet et voila.


Olympic gold medalist and former World Surf League Championship Tour winner Italo Ferreira was very attentive, and also credited Brunet, and has reportedly tried to revive his own romance with the equally beautiful Maria Azevedo.

An internal source has confirmed that “something happened” in the relationship after Ferreira won the 2019 crown, then Azevedo always by his side (read here). She was not seen during the just-concluded tour, but the couple is famously tight-lipped even to friends.

Still, the source says Ferreira has reached out to Azevedo since Medina’s victory, and the two have long nightly phone calls covering “heavy topics.”

“Do not be surprised if you see Maria by Italo’s side when the 2022 season begins in Pipe.”

A battle between beautiful Brazilian power couples?

Peak surfing.

The first time you notice it, it can make you sad. The next time you feel it, it can make you angry. But be happy, honey, once you’ve discovered that power makes the world go round.

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