> Scottish rave fan shares 200 GB download of old school mixes – News

Scottish rave fan shares 200 GB download of old school mixes – News

A 200 GB collection of old school dance music mixes has been made available to download online.

The bountiful Google Drive has been shared by Scottish rave fan Neil Harrison, who first got into dance music in the early ’90s and has been gathering mix recordings for nearly 20 years.

It features sets from icons such as Carl Cox, Andrew Weatherall, Colin Dale, 808 State, Altern-8, John Digweed, DJ Rap, Jumpin Jack Frost, LTJ Bukem, Fabio and Sasha, including recordings from legendary raves and clubs such as Technodrome , Fubar, Rezerection, Shelley’s Laserdome, The Haçienda and Fantazia (pictured).

It can be explored and downloaded here.

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Speaking to Mixmag about his experiences of dance music and building up the collection, Neil Harrison said: “I started listening to hardcore / breakbeat in 1991, going to raves and buying tapes and getting tapes off mates. It was a big disappointment around 1993/4 when the Scottish scene split. The old hardcore / breakbeat was gone up here in Scotland and our scene moved to the bouncier harder style. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it for a few years until 1997 when it just got too fast and the raves were playing mostly gabba. I stopped going to raves early 1997.

“Around 2004 I found some old rave tapes in my parents house and listened to them. Fell in love again and started to roam the internet to find some of the tapes I used to listen to. Found a website (am sure it was called Hardcore Will Never Die) and they had tape rips from a lot of English raves. I started to download from there and it spiralled. Found more websites with rips and collected more and more. I found them in many places …. some I ripped myself (mostly the Rezerection ones), found them on Torrent sites, many music forums and message boards.

“Collection is predominantly rips from raves up till 1997. My favorites are from 1991-93 from the likes of DJ SY, DJ SS, Ellis Dee etc – if I had to choose one to listen to for the rest of my life it would be – Ellis Dee at Universe Mind, Body & Soul 1992. Absolutely love it.

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“My favorite DJ of all time is Dave Angel. His sets are always on point. And the funny thing is I had never seen him live until last Saturday at Ingliston, Edinburgh at The Ultimate 90’s Rave. My first event since 1997 and my my my, what a rave to go back to. Suffered for 3 days as at 43 I am not as young as I used to be! Now am itching to go to more. As soon as I walked through the door on Saturday the memories came flooding back and I had to hold back the tears. Just hope there are more 90’s events.

“The world is missing the raves of old. Happy times for a generation. I do not want these times to be lost … hence the collection. And after Saturday now is the time to let others reminisce and to hopefully pass that love of the music to a new generation. I saw plenty of younger folk at The Ultimate 90’s Rave on Saturday, even spoke to a couple of women who were there with their daughters. ”

Explore the treasure trove of Old Skool Mixes here.

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