Seventh week without LRT service and unvaccinated Ottawa Hospital workers face unpaid leave: Five stories to watch

OTTAWA – The City of Ottawa Releases Proposed Municipal Budget for 2022, Unvaccinated Ottawa Hospital Employees Facing Unpaid Suspension, and It’s Time to Fall Back for the Time Change. is looking at five stories to watch in Ottawa this week.


Ottawa residents will this week get their first look at how the city plans to spend their tax dollars in 2022.

On Wednesday morning, the municipality’s staff will unveil the operating and capital budget for 2022, the last budget before the next local elections on 24 October 2022.

In July, the council instructed staff to develop the budget with a three percent increase in property tax by 2022. The budget would include a 4.5 percent increase in the transit tax, while transit users would see a price increase of 2.5 percent.

A three percent tax increase would cost the average city owner an extra $ 119 more in 2022, while rural owners would see their tax bill increase by $ 91. User fees, waste disposal fees and water and sewer charges are also expected to increase in 2022.

The Ottawa Police Service will also present its budget for 2022 on Wednesday morning. The police board instructed staff to draw up an operating budget that “assumes a zero percent increase as a starting point.” Staff must provide a detailed explanation of any additional funding beyond zero percent, including collective bargaining.

The Ottawa Public Health budget will be released Monday night.

The Council will finalize the budget on 8 December.

Ottawa City Hall


Monday was the date when the Rideau Transit Group was to resume transit transit along the Confederation Line after the fall derailment, but there is still no word on when transit traffic will resume as a seventh week after the shutdown begins.

The O train has been out of service since September 19, when an LRT car derailed at Tremblay Station and damaged the train, track and infrastructure.

Rideau Transit Group had said the LRT service could be resumed on November 1 after the train derailed on September 19. However, city staff expect partial service to resume within the first two weeks of November.

Last Wednesday, RTG and OC Transpo began testing along the Confederation Line as part of the return service plan.

General Manager of Transit Services, RenĂ©e Amilcar, said that before resuming the service, the entire system will undergo a “robust testing regime”, focusing on three areas:

  • Tracks and infrastructure

  • Train test

  • Full system-wide test

The city has promised that the independent consulting firm TRA will present details of the plan for returning to service for the municipality and the media before the service resumes, but no date has been set for the briefing.

Ottawa LRT


Ottawa Hospital staff who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will be put on unpaid leave this week for violating the mandatory vaccination policy.

Ottawa Hospital’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy takes effect on November 1 and requires all physicians, nurses and hospital staff to be fully vaccinated against new coronavirus.

On October 21, CTV News Ottawa reported that more than 300 employees would be put on unpaid leave to violate the November 1 policy. The hospital sent 189 letters to staff who had not received the vaccine and 129 staff who received one. dose of the vaccine but had not planned their second dose on 1 Nov.

The letter said employees should return all hospital properties, including employee ID cards and keys.

96 percent of hospital employees are fully vaccinated, which is over the entire city’s share of 86 percent among those eligible.

Ottawa Hospital TOH


Ontarians will receive an update on the province’s economy and economic plans this week.

On Thursday, Treasury Secretary Peter Bethlenfalvy will publish the Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review outlining the government’s plan for COVID-19.

Bethlenfalvy has said the statement will focus on investments in health care and other ways the province continues to fight the pandemic.

The most recent projection for the 2021-2022 deficit is $ 32.4 billion.

Queen's Park


Summer time ends next weekend, and an Ottawa MPP hopes this may be the last time we fall back.

Summer time ends at 02.00 on Sunday 7 November, and the clocks go back an hour. This means that the evenings get darker when the sun goes down earlier.

The Ontario Legislative Assembly passed Jeremy Robert’s private members’ bill last December, which changed the time law to make the time now called daylight saving time the standard time of year.

Under the bill, Ontario will permanently transition to daylight if Quebec and the state of New York pass similar legislation.

Earlier this month, Roberts sent a letter to New York Governor Kathy Hochul urging Ontario’s neighbor to end the biannual time change.

Daylight Saving Time



Ottawa Transport Committee Meeting – 6 p.m. 9.30

Ottawa Board of Health meeting – 5 p.m.

Ottawa Senators at the Chicago Blackhawks – at. 20.00 (TSN 1200)


Ottawa Finance and Economic Development Committee meeting – at. 9.30

Ottawa Public Library Board meeting – at. 17.00

Ottawa Senators at Minnesota Wild – at. 20.00 (TSN 1200 and TSN 5)


Ottawa Police Services Board Meeting – Presentation of Budget for 2022 – at. 8.30

Ottawa City Council Meeting – 6 p.m. 10.00

Ottawa Transit Commission meeting – at 11.00


Ottawa’s Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee Meeting – at. 10.00

The Ottawa Senators host the Las Vegas Golden Knights – at 19.00 (TSN 5 and TSN 1200)


Ottawa 67’s host Peterborough Petes – at. 19 at TD Place (TSN 1200)


The Ottawa Senators host the Tampa Bay Lightning – at 14.00 (TSN 5 and TSN 1200)

Ottawa Redblacks hosts Toronto Argos – 4pm (TSN and TSN 1200)


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