Skin expert Ingrid Seaburn shares her tips for reviving your skin after lockdown | Maitland Mercury


With lockdowns behind us and warmer days approaching with rapid strides, many of us look forward to the summer months and sort our skin by months spent indoors. Former LA-based facialist Ingrid Seaburn has more than 20 years of experience in personalizing and tailoring skin health, and says our skin shows the first signs of stress and neglect when it comes to our health. Ingrid shares these tips to get your skin routine back on track. 1. It is no longer enough just to clean, tone and moisturize. Especially for those over the age of 35, active serums are not negotiable and will positively change the way your skin works at the cellular level. When choosing an active serum, look for a good retinol – the gold standard for slowing aging. Be sure to invest in a good vitamin C serum, for protection against UV (and to) increase collagen production, something that decreases rapidly as we get older. And finally, a serum with niacinamide is also very important to help turn back time. Once you have found a serum that contains these ingredients, focus on a daily commitment to ensure lasting and long-term results. 2. Twice weekly exfoliation is important for our skin to increase its cellular circulation. Avoid harsh scrub-like exfoliants if you have mature skin, as these can cause inflammation. Instead, choose enzyme-based exfoliants that chemically degrade dead skin cells for a more youthful skin tone and instant glow. One of the most important skin care rules is to ensure that you follow a balanced diet and incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine. For many, these have fallen side by side during the lockdown. An easy way to combat this is by taking a daily vitamin D supplement. Not only will this help with the production of collagen, it contributes to the regeneration and repair of skin cells.


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