Source: Panthers have no plans to pursue Deshaun Watson, have never considered offering Christian McCaffrey

New England Patriots vs. Houston Texans

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The Panthers can eventually take a step for Deshaun Watson. It does not happen until Tuesday’s trading deadline.

According to a source with direct knowledge of the team’s mindset, the Panthers have no plans to pursue the Texans quarterback until Tuesday at. 16:00 ET. The source also explained that the Panthers never offered or considered offering running back Christian McCaffrey as part of a trade package.

This is in direct conflict with the key aspects of Friday’s report by Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports. He claimed that the acquisition of Watson remains “a priority” for owner David Tepper and that the team was prepared to offer McCaffrey to get it done.

Although “no plans” necessarily leave the door open for a deal, a lot should happen at this point. First, Watson should want to play for the Panthers, and he is not doing so at the moment. (La Canfora’s item ignores Watson’s no-trade clause.) Second, the Panthers and Texans had to make a deal. Third, the Panthers would probably like to do a little more homework about Watson before hitting the trigger, including, for example, sitting down with him for a conversation. There is not much time and the clock keeps ticking (as it always does).

This does not mean the Panthers will not re-emerge as a potential Watson suitor in the low season if the Dolphins and Texans cannot land the plane before Tuesday afternoon.

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