‘South Park: Post Covid’ ending explained – [Spoiler] Is dead

You think you have age a lot during the pandemic? You have nothing on the boys – sorry, men do it – off South Park, which are reunited under tragic circumstances in the new Post COVID special, is now streamed on Paramount +.

The hour-long event starts far into the future, decades after the show’s four cores have stopped talking to each other. Stan, who is now an online whiskey consultant in a relationship with a holographic Alexa, is surprised to receive a phone call from Kyle, who informs his elementary school friend that Kenny McCormick … is dead. Such in reality this time.

The news of Kenny’s death affects everyone who knew him, including Jimmy, who is now a talk show host in the evening – as comedians named Jimmy usually do. The newly crowned “King of the Awake Comedy” is so desperate about the news that he cancels his planned guest, none other than “First Lady Tom Kardashian”. (Am I the only one disappointed that we did not get to meet Tom?)

All of the usual suspects come to South Park for Kenny’s funeral, including Cartman, whose apparent conversion to Judaism does not fall into good soil with Kyle. And can you blame him? He is likely traumatized after all those years of anti-Semitic bullying at Cartman’s mitten-covered hands. (Speaking of Cartman’s iconic appearance, turning his hat into a yarmulke was a stroke of genius.)

But the more everyone talks about Kenny, who apparently grew up to be a famous millionaire scientist, the more it begins to look like his death was not accidental. The gang concludes that Kenny must have been killed while investigating the origin of the coronavirus, a mystery that deepens as Stan discovers that his research leads back to Tegridy Farms.

Kenny’s registered cause of death is a new strain of coronavirus called the COVID Delta + Rewards variant, and when a citizen of South Park turns out to be unvaccinated (must go, Clyde!), Everyone is forced to quarantine within the city limits. . There’s a pretty amazing moment where Clyde explains that he does not want to be vaccinated because he is allergic to shellfish, so if someone who makes the vaccines happened to have recently eaten shellfish, it would be bad. “It’s a general feeling of shellfish,” he says. (Get it?)

Stan confronts Randy on the Shady Acres Retirement Community, but his father is not exactly thrilled to see him as he blames Stan for both Sharon and Shelly’s death. Apparently Stan’s parents wanted divorce after the pandemic, and because the farm was a major source of their conflict, Stan decided to burn it down … unaware that Shelly was in the barn. As for Sharon, she could not handle her daughter’s death, so she shot herself.

Randy later tells Stan about the origins of coronavirus – complete with his back alley-pangolin sex that I had finally cleansed from my brain – but he’s trying to spin it in for China’s sake, all part of their plan to rob America of its foolishness. “Space Jam 2 came out and we all kind of … gave up. We lost our tegridy and it was all designed. They needed us to lose it. ”)

Stan meets everyone else at the hospital, where they deduce that Kenny has hidden a flash drive with vital information in his butt, which they reluctantly retrieve. A video on the flash drive reveals that Kenny not only tried to travel back in time to prevent the pandemic from happening, but he also blames the collapse of society on his “three d-khead friends, Stan, Kyle and Cartman.” He claims that they “ruined everything when they let COVID break their friendship and become argumentative, combative, pessimistic a-holes.”

“Let’s face it, boys, we killed Kenny, ”they deduce after reflecting on how they lost their sense of humor and humor. The pandemic was a test and they failed.

The episode ends with a return to South Park Mental Asylum Plus, where Kenny’s right hand man “Victor Chaws” is being held. But it is not until we see the nameplate on his door that we realize that it is not Victor “Chaws.” It’s Victor Chaos. (You know, I was wondering where Butters has been!)

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