> Spectacular Video Shows Massive Fireball Lighting Up Night Sky Over US

Spectacular Video Shows Massive Fireball Lighting Up Night Sky Over US

This fireball was a “random occurrence” and not associated with any meteor shower.

A spectacular fireball on Friday was spotted zooming over several US states, including Indiana and Wisconsin. The American Meteor Society (AMS) shared a video of the sighting and said that it received around 150 reports of the fireball. 

As per Newsweek, Robert Lunsford, fireball report coordinator for the AMS, informed that the flight of the fireball, which headed northeast, lasted between three and five seconds. The fireball entered the atmosphere over the town of Advance, Indiana, and it disintegrated above the area of Burlington, Indiana, according to AMS.

Take a look at the video below: 

Further, the meteor society informed that the reports of sightings came from Indiana, Alabama, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky. Mr Lunsford reportedly said that this fireball was most likely a “random occurrence” and not associated with any particular meteor shower. 

“I have seen a lot of fireballs in this part of the sky but this by far was the biggest one so far,” one person who spotted the fireball in Ohio told AMS. Another eyewitness stated, “I’ve never seen anything like what I just saw. It was beautiful, exciting, and prompted me to do quick research and to see who else may have seen it as well.” “All I know is it was massive and amazing to see even if it was only for a few seconds. Breathtaking!” added third. 

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Fireball is another term for a bright meteor. They are brighter than the average meteor because the pieces of space debris that cause them are larger. 

Meteors, which are also known as shooting stars, are the streak of light that we see in the sky when asteroids or meteoroids enter the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed and burn up in the process. 

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