Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante Says She’s Quitting Music at Beyoncé’s Instruction

“I hereby quit my job as she tells me to in this song thank you for all the support but I quit”

Spiritbox's Courtney LaPlante Says She's Quitting Music at Beyoncé's Instruction

Photo: Lindsey Byrnes (right)

Published Jun 22, 2022

If Beyoncé tells you to do something, you either do it, or you’re the common fool who didn’t listen to Beyoncé. This mantra — WWBD? — transcends genre, which is why Spiritbox’s Courtney LaPlante takes it so seriously.

Beyoncé, who also transcends genre, sings about the perils of workin’ nine to five on her new single, “BREAK MY SOUL.” 

The consensus? Hard work is, well, hard work: “I just quit my job, I’m gonna find new drive / Damn, they work me so damn hard / Work by nine, then off past five / And they work my nerves, that’s why I cannot sleep at night.” (She may have lied in the first bit but she’s trying to be relatable, okay?)

Like any other member of the Beyhive, the Spiritbox bandleader and metalhead took to Twitter yesterday (June 21) to react to the release, tweeting: “NEW BEYONCÉ AHHHHHHHH.”

LaPlante added: “I hereby quit my job as she tells me to in this song thank you for all the support but I quit.”

Considering the circumstances, we understand; giving your two weeks’ notice has never sounded better than the irresistible house jam — our first taste of Beyoncé’s Renaissance — makes it out to be. Queens in the front, doms in the back!

See LaPlante’s tweets below.

Thankfully, a LaPlante-less world is not in our future, as the Victoria metalcore unit will be heading on tour alongside Ghost and Mastodon this fall. Fellow Beyoncé fan Kevin Gates has also recently gone to lengths to pledge how seriously he takes his fandom.

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