Squid Game nights are sold out at a Korean restaurant in Vancouver

Vancouver –

A Vancouver restaurant goes out of its way to offer Squid Game themed evenings.

Sai Woo, a modern Korean restaurant located in Downtown Eastside, has run evening events that include a meal and a variety of games similar to those played in the Netflix hit series Squid Game.

Squid Game, a dystopian series about a group of cash adults in South Korea who accept an invitation to compete in a deadly underground competition involving children’s games, is Netflix’s original series throughout.

The biggest difference, of course, is that no one gets killed by playing the games on Sai Woo.

On Saturday night, servers and bartenders at Sai Woo dressed up in blue-green tracksuits like the ones the Squid Game players wear, and in pink tracksuits like the show’s soldiers running the children’s game.

Guests were challenged to the game with red light, green light, performed by an employee dressed as the statue robot running the game in the show. They were also invited to play ddakji (card-flipping game played on a subway platform in Squid Game), balls and the dalgona honeycomb cookie game.

“Customers, they get a can, and inside there is a honeycomb (cookie), but they do not know what shape (each of them) will be different,” said Sai Woo chef Han Seung-min.

Guests are also given a needle, which they are expected to try to extract the imprinted shape from the rest of the cake without cracking it, just like in the show. At Sai Woo, anyone who manages to do so will receive a prize.

Seung-min also dressed as the main enforcer and played some of the matches against the guests.

A ticket to the event also includes a six-course Korean meal.

A first-generation Canadian-Korean, Seung-min came to Canada 15 years ago and had never expected that Korean culture – first with K-pop and now with Squid Game – would become as popular as it has become.

“I’m so proud,” he said.

Tickets for Squid Games at Sai Woo were quickly sold out, though the restaurant offered the event three nights in a row with three separate meetings per night. night.

“We would love to do this again,” reads an apology note, which was posted on the restaurant’s Instagram account on Friday.

“So sorry we could not fit everyone in! And we are still responding to (reservation requests) emails as the days go by,” it continues.

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