‘Succession’ Season 3: Kendall’s Girlfriend – TV Questions

We have questions and you have (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone, we are sending inquiries left and right about dozens of shows, including Succession, NCIS: Hawai’i, La Brea and Zoey’s extraordinary Christmas!

Miracle in Motor City1 | After watching Lifetime’s Miracle in Motor City, you’re secretly hoping that Motown’s great Smokey Robinson gets a spinoff series called Smokey saves the day where he struts into struggling churches and sings “Silent Night”? Us too.

2 | Nash Bridges fans, what was the most jarring thing about it made for cable reunion movie – the occasional S-word or the admittedly playful-but-breathed sex scene?

3 | IN The Waltons’ Homecoming, what was up with green screen during all driving scenes?? Yikes.

4 | On Insecure, which of Issa’s daydreams almost fooled you? The one where she threw Condola and Lawrence’s baby, or the one where Condola and Lawrence were engaged?

Succeeds Naomi5 | Is it just us, or does Kendall’s girlfriend on Succession little see, talk, and carry himself as his sister Shiv? Search Dr. Freud!

6 | Power Book II: Ghost fans: Has anyone done the math about the possibility that Cane is actually Mecca’s child?

7 | Did not do it Yellowstone‘s Mia tell Laramie that she packed up and drove on the road two weeks ago? What is Jimmy’s ex still doing on the ranch?

8 | Ville The Walking Dead: World BeyondDoes Jadis really recognize the voice of Major General Beale’s son? (Would she ever have met the baby herself?) Also, suspicious as she was of Huck, would she not have had Dennis by the tail at all times?

9 | For something as boring as extracting 150+ bullets, there is not an assistant NCISCan Jimmy Palmer sign up?

NCIS Hawaii10 | OKAY, NCIS: Hawaii fans, this is a tough one: Who has more chemistry, Lucy / Kate or Jane / Joe?

11 | Store Spring fans: Even for a character we knew was dying, Paula’s death did not seem a bit abrupt? She was here, she collapsed, she danced a solo … and then everyone talked about her in those days.

Money Heist Berlin Turbo Guy12 | With all the talk about Berlin Money robbery spinoff, it’s as good a time as any to point out that actor Pedro Alonso gives Major Guy Gagne from Turbo vibes, right?

13 | What are the chances of that for ABC’s upcoming Live in front of a study audience special, the original Facts of life cast – Lisa Whelchel (Blair), Nancy McKeon (Jo), Mindy Cohn (Natalie) and Kim Fields (Tootie) – will appear in various roles opposite Jennifer Aniston, Kathryn Hahn, Allison Tolman and Gabrielle Union?

The voice14 | After watching Tuesday’s The voice, could you believe how much better season 19 winner Carter Rubin’s puberty goes than… yes, any of our did?

15 | Is La BreaAre Gavin, Izzy and Ella quite lucky that they did not land unconscious in the Pacific Ocean just meters away?

16 | Whose Riverdale‘s Reggie cheats his casino customers with stuffed dice and rigged slots, maybe he shouldn’t loudly announce it to all his servants? (Or maybe we should stop asking questions like this about a show where devils and ghosts go around?)

17 | On Lightning, which Arrowverse character’s 2031 look attracted your attention the most? (And should we worry about that Super girlAlex was a red deer?)


18 | IN Chuckys season finale, Nica ended up with a fate that was much worse than death? If Andy survived the explosion in Charles Lee Ray’s house, do you think Kyle came out alive too? Finally, now that the show has been renewed for season 2, do you think we’ll see Glen / Glenda next time?

19 | On Hawkeye, where were these sour trickpiles when the Avengers fought Thanos? And was it noticeable that we actually never saw Clint’s face when Ronin attacked Maya’s father in flashback? Could someone else have been in the costume at the time?

20 | Zoeys playlist fans, did you love the chemistry between Mary Steenburgen and David James Elliott in Roku’s Christmas movie?

21 | Whose The Conners‘Dan was planning to sell his old bedroom furniture to buy a new bedroom piece of furniture, how exactly is he going to be able to afford a new set now? And shouldn’t he have bought a new bed before getting rid of the old one?

22 | On The Wonder Years, were you relieved to see that Dean’s older brother Bruce was not killed in Vietnam, and instead the episode ended with the family together and happy?

23 | Were you disappointed with that The sinner‘s series finale so Ambrose did not reunite / save his relationship with Sonya?

24 | On Sistas, how did Tyler Perry get away with that ménage à trois? And how will Andi’s working relationship with Robin be now?

Ghosts25 | Did Ghosts‘Thorfinn / Hetty’s side story in this week’s episode hit you like a belly punch?

26 | Are you still looking for College girls’ sex livesKimberly and Nico? Or is he officially on your s – t list after the boyfriend’s revelation?

Tap the comments with your answers – and any other questions you want to share!

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