Swinton houses evacuated after bombing from ‘2. World War II ‘found in the garden

People have been evacuated from a residential area after a World War II bomb was found in a garden.

The ‘WW2 era’ bomb was found in a garden in Moss Lane, Swinton, with surrounding residents immediately evacuated, firefighters said.

Local residents who are not being evacuated are being asked to stay inside and away from windows.

A Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue spokesman said: “A World War II bomb has been discovered in a garden on Moss Lane in Swinton, Salford.

“An evacuation of the immediate local area is underway.

“If you live nearby, stay inside, keep your doors and windows closed and stay away from windows.

“There will be a large multi-agency presence in the local area with colleagues from GMFRS and GMP working hard to keep people safe. If you are asked to evacuate, do so calmly.

“If you are not evacuated, stay indoors and follow the instructions of the emergency services.”

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