Physicists just broke a record by keeping a bubble intact for over a year

When you think of the word “fleeting”, many people will immediately conjure up the image of a soap bubble: delicate, beautiful and gone in an instant (or maybe a few). Now a team of physicists led by Aymeric Roux from the University of Lille in France has defied this cliché and created a bubble that … Read more

We are facing a myopia ‘epidemic’, scientists say. Here’s why

Researchers warn of a new “epidemic” of myopia or myopia after observing sharp increases in the growing onset of myopia among late baby boomers. Based on data collected from 107,442 participants in the UK’s comprehensive Biobank program, people born in the late 1960s are 10 percent more likely to be nearsighted than people born three … Read more

A new study calculates the number of black holes in the universe. That’s a lot

Because we can not see black holes, it’s hard to know exactly how many are out there in the big, wide universe. But that does not mean that we have no chance of trying to figure it out. Star mass black holes are the collapsed nuclei of dead massive stars, and new research incorporating how … Read more

Study finds protein structures that could be responsible for the origin of life

The question of how life first arose on our planet is one we have not yet fully answered, but science is constantly getting closer – and a new study identifies the structures of the proteins that may well have made it happen. . To begin with, the team behind the study decided to take as … Read more

NASA’s Curiosity Rover drilled holes into Mars and found something very strange

Since it is the basis of all life on Earth, scientists are always excited to discover carbon on other planets – and Curiosity Rover on Mars has found an unusual mixture of the chemical element that could hypothetically point to the existence of alien life. It’s by no means safe, but it’s a possibility. It … Read more

For the first time, astronomers are discovering the Rugby ball shape of a deformed exoplanet

In addition to the solar system, out there in the wider galaxy, a very strange subgroup of exoplanets exists. They are called hot Jupiters, and they are mostly sticky – they hug so close to their host stars that they are not only intensely hot, but probably also distorted by gravity. Now, for the first … Read more

We finally know the true extent of space that destroys astronauts’ red blood cells

The human body did not evolve to handle life in space, and it shows in our blood. Since our species first began spending longer periods beyond our planet, scientists have noticed a strange and consistent loss of red blood cells among astronauts. The phenomenon is called ‘rumanemia’, and until recently the cause was a mystery. … Read more

Why you should never give up fruit during a low carb diet, according to science

One of my patients – who had struggled with obesity, uncontrolled diabetes and the cost of her medication – agreed in June 2019 to take a more plant-based diet for whole foods. She was excited about the challenge and did a remarkable job. She increased her intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, stopped eating sweets, … Read more

The earth’s interior cools faster than we thought, and that will mess things up

The Earth was formed 4.5 billion years ago or so. Ever since then, it has been slowly cooling inside. While surface and atmospheric temperatures fluctuate above the eons (and yes, the outer temperatures are currently warming), the molten interior – the beating heart of our planet – has been cooling all the time. It’s not … Read more

A newly discovered fossil could be the answer to Darwin’s ‘Abominable’ mystery

Scientists in China say they have found the oldest flower bud in the fossil record, finally adapting the fossil evidence with the genetic data suggesting flowering plants or angiosperms evolved tens of thousands of years earlier than we originally thought. The team hopes their discovery will help “ease the pain” around a nagging, centuries-old mystery … Read more