Gotham Knights video game only coming to next-gen consoles

Gotham KnightsScreenshot: WB Montreal After seven years of no Batman gamesWB Games Montreal has finally released 13-minutes of footage from a new one. Without Batman. And without a version for Xbox One or a PS4. The upcoming Bat-family game, Gotham Knights, will only be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox X / S despite previous … Read more

You Can Now (Try And) Play The Leaked 2001 Duke Nukem Forever Build

Image: Duke Nukem Forever You know how yesterday we wrote about that 2001 build of the infamous Duke Nukem Foreverand how it was supposed to be released to the public in June? Yeah, by “June”, they meant “the day after”, because it’s now available to download and try out. Everything present in the 4chan leak … Read more

New Mafia Early In Development At Hangar 13 As Boss Departs

Image: Hangar 13 / 2K Games Hangar 13 studio head Haden Blackman is leaving the Mafia III maker after seven years, 2K Games announced Wednesday. The publisher wrote in an email to staff that the former LucasArts veteran is going to “pursue his passion at a new endeavor.” Kotaku understands that the move comes with … Read more

Square Enix Selling Tomb Raider, Deus Ex And Thief Studios

Image: Square Enix The Embracer Group, a planet-swallowing mass of video game publishers that already includes the likes of Gearbox and THQ Nordictonight announced a deal to purchase a number of storied studios and properties from Square Enix. While the purchase is not final — this is just “an agreement to acquire” them until everything … Read more

Ubisoft’s 6-Year Bet On Pirate Game Looks Like A Chore

Screenshot: Ubisoft Narrated test footage for Skull and Bones has leaked online, showing off a large part of the blockbuster’s transformation since it was last officially shown at E3 2018. It’s pretty and also looks like a textbook modern Ubisoft game. Players will collect blueprints, loot materials, and build up their infamy rank to get … Read more

Snake Eater Bug Skips Lengthy Ladder Climb

Screenshot: Hau5test Despite being one of the most iconic moments in video game history, it was only a matter of time before speedrunners discovered a way to bypass the much-beloved ladder-climbing sequence in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater entirely. What a thrill. Brazilian speedrunner apel shared a video this morning showing how a complicated … Read more

Remedy Remaking Max Payne 1 And 2 Inside Control Engine

Image: Remedy Entertainment / Rockstar Games Black film sad sack Max Payne is getting his due with a full remake of the first two games, developer Remedy Entertainment announced today. The new compilation will include both Max Payne spirit Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max and be exclusive to PS5, Xbox Series X / … Read more

Devs Say New Tomb Raider Will Be Developed In Unreal Engine 5

Image: Square Enix Development on the next Tomb Raider game was announced on today’s “The State of Unreal” livestream. The general manager at Crystal Dynamics, Dallas Dickinson, confirmed that the studio has started developing Lara Croft’s next adventure in Unreal Engine 5. “Crystal Dynamics is proud to be a part of the launch of Unreal … Read more

HBO Max’s pulsating crime thriller

Ansel Elgort in Tokyo VicePhoto: James Lisle / HBO Max Michael Mann has spent his career in Vice. Nearly 40 years ago, the famed director explored the relationship between undercover cops and overpowered gangsters on Miami Vice. In the aughts, he updated that TV phenom for the big screen. And today, he’s he’s helping shepherd … Read more

9 Games Like GTA V Worth Checking Out In 2022

Image: Square Enix All 3D and HD era GTA games are set in the United States. That’s fine, I guess, but the world is a big place, and Sleeping Dogs takes the GTA-like formula to a fresh location: Hong Kong. There aren’t many games set in Hong Kong, and none of them are as fun … Read more