COVID-19: Why are so many patients on call in hospitals?

Nearly 80 percent of the Canadian population has been vaccinated with at least two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, with studies pointing to the protective benefits of these vaccines, it may be enigmatic to see that the majority of virus-related hospitalizations in most provinces involve people who are fully vaccinated against the disease. In … Read more

Coronavirus: Omicron peaks in some provinces

The Omicron-driven fifth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be peaking in some provinces, while others say the worst is likely to come. The Saskatchewan Health Authority says it is preparing for a wave of COVID-19 hospitalizations and absenteeism among workers until mid-February, while Alberta says hospitalization rates are rising to levels not seen … Read more

Tam: Omicron infectious up to 10 days

OTTAWA – The latest evidence does not show that the Omicron variant is contagious for a shorter time than previous versions of the virus that causes COVID-19, said public health chief Dr. Theresa Tam Tuesday. But Tam told the House of Commons Health Committee that the large number of Omicron infections is stressing the workforce … Read more

COVID-19: Experts worried about the next Omicron as more become infected

Omicron’s spread has been so widespread that few families have not been affected by it at all – and for some families, that means they have to worry about their children. In the Toronto area, Sarah Bankuti watched while her newborn baby Aviv spent Saturday in the hospital with COVID-19. “Very scary because my daughter, … Read more

Back to school in 4 provinces while Omicron spreads

OTTAWA – Parents and teachers in four provinces are preparing for students to return to the classroom on Monday as the Omicron variant fuel wave of COVID-19 continues to spread and there are still questions about how prepared the schools actually are is about to come back in full scale. Children in Ontario and Quebec, … Read more

‘I do not know where she is’: 7-year-old abducted by father who does not want her vaccinated

For two months, Mariecar Jackson has been trying to find her seven-year-old daughter, who she says was taken by her ex-husband to an unknown location because he did not want the girl to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Now Regina, the mother of the Sask. Area, is turning to the public for help in a desperate … Read more