Xpeng launches XPILOT 3.5 semi-autonomous driving features

A new Xpeng P7 car is on display in Xpeng Motor’s flagship store in a mall. Xpeng P7 is one of the two popular models of Xpeng engines. Zhang Peng | LightRocket | Getty Images GUANGZHOU, China-Chinese electric car launch Xpeng released updates to its semi-autonomous driving system as it appears to be meeting its … Read more

Gang members guilty of murder, which triggered tit-for-tat shooting

T wo gang members have been found guilty of killing a student whose death triggered the frequent shooting of autistic “gentle giant” Chad Gordon. Jemal Ebrahim, 23, was fatally stabbed in the leg in north London on 13 May 2020. His killing of the Green Lanes gang led to a retaliatory attack mistakenly targeting Mr … Read more

Xpeng launches flying car that can also drive on roads

HT Aero, an affiliated Chinese electric car manufacturer Xpeng Inc., launched a new vehicle that could fly in the air and drive on roads. The launch of HT Aero’s 6th generation model took place at Xpeng Tech Day on Sunday, October 24, 2021. Xpeng GUANGZHOU, China – HT Aero, an affiliated Chinese electric car maker … Read more

Inside China’s Evergrande crisis, the build – up to Taiwan and the internal function of China’s financial system

Christopher Balding: Inside China’s Evergrande Crisis, Towards Taiwan and the Internal Function of China’s Financial System “The risk is not Evergrande himself … This metastasizes to other areas.” We sit down with China’s expert Dr. Christopher Balding, a former professor at Peking University HSBC Business School and Fulbright University Vietnam. We discuss the Evergrande debt … Read more

China adopts law to reduce homework and teach ‘pressure’ on children

Beijing has exercised a more assertive fatherly hand this year, from tackling young people’s addiction to online gambling – considered a form of “spiritual opium” – to squeezing down on “blind” worship of internet celebrities. China’s rubber-stamped parliament said on Monday it would consider legislation to punish parents if their young children behave “very badly” … Read more

Britain cannot depend on China

Mrs Truss spoke about the hope of building “a network of freedom around the world with like-minded partners” through economic ties to counter hostile countries. A challenge in London-Beijing relations is nuclear power in Britain, which Mr Johnson wants to grow to achieve its carbon reduction targets, and where China has traditionally played a key … Read more