That Abandoned Rocket Finally Crashed Into The Moon, Likely Making A Huge Crater

Add one more crater to the long list of pockmarks on the lunar surface. According to orbital calculations, a rocket hurtling through space for years crashed into the Moon on Friday, but the strike was not directly observed, and there might be a wait for photographic evidence. The impact would have taken place at 7:25 … Read more

Astronomers create the largest ever 3D map of the cosmos

You may have heard of Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Department of Energy. We reported on the project way back in 2016, when the team of scientists launched 5,000 small robots into space to help develop the first map of the universe beyond the earth. So in 2017, we reported … Read more

Explore the universe of Graeme Base – Morning

In just one illustration of Graeme Base, there is so much to see. The detail, the color and the movement are incredible to look at. You may be familiar with the books “Animalia” or “The Eleventh Hour”, but a special exhibition at Belo Arts will allow you to marvel at original illustrations from the book … Read more

Sonification of the Butterfly Nebula – NASA Goddard

Sonification of the Butterfly NebulaNASA Goddard Hubble zooms in on the Reflection Nebula IC NASA drops image of a dark ‘hole in the sky’ consuming lightTweakTown NASA shares the ‘sound’ of the butterfly nebula created through data sonicationNDTV Hubble looks at a dark nebula that causes stars to disappear from sightScreen Rant .