New Horizons annoying neighbors? Let them go

The cat Raymond walks around with something important on his heart.Screenshot: Nintendo Nintendos Animal Crossing: New Horizons becomes one other types of video games the more time you spend playing it. After completing an initial handful of tasks intended to turn your new settled on the island to a place where other people would like … Read more

12 of the best movies that honestly deal with addiction and recovery

Screenshot: Wild / spotlight images HBO has just dropped the trailer for the second season of its acclaimed teen drama Euphoria. It’s been a long wait between seasons – though there have been a few specials in the meantime, but the last episode of regular series aired over two years ago. The show honestly (very … Read more

Destiny 2 Anniversary Pack adds the infamous Loot Cave Dungeon

Screenshot: Bungie Steam overview for Fate 2‘s upcoming Bungie 30th Anniversary Package celebration of the studio’s history recently revealed that the game’s large new dungeon will be a return to the most famous moment in Fate history: the exchange cave. Set to go live on December 7 for players purchasing the $ 25 mid-season update, … Read more

The best films of 2001

Clockwise from top left: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring, AI, Ali, Audition, Mulholland Drive, Amores Perros, Moulin Rogue, Memento, The Royal Tenenbaums, Monsters Inc.Graphic: Natalie Peeples Has the Oscars ever taken it more wrong than they did in March 2002, when Tom Hanks handed over best film to the confusing, forgettable … Read more

Nicolas Cage Dracula Movie adds Awkwafina

It takes more than a good shot with a bow to receive Dracula.Picture: Marvel Studios If you want to try to move against not just any lord of the night, but Nic cursed Cage’s Lord of the Night, you’ll need a team – and Universal’s latest spin on it monstrous world begins to build one. … Read more

New update removes duplicate errors from Pokémon BDSP

The latest update to Pokémon brilliant diamond and shiny pearl has gone live. Update Ver 1.1.2 not only fixes some bugs, it also removes the duplication bugs that allowed players to clone Pokémon. Shortly after the game was launched, a duplication error was discovered that let players clone Pokémon one at a time and what … Read more

Game of Thrones Prequel Pilot cost $ 30 million, was canceled

Jon Snow fights his way through one Game of Thrones section vi did come to see.Picture: HBO Making a follow-up to one of the greatest fantasy shows ever has been a journey worthy of Westeros’ most powerful heroes. When Game of Thrones ended back in 2019, HBO already knew that wanted the world to continue. … Read more

Apple signs a multi-year deal with Alfono Cuarón

Alfonso CuaronPhoto: Rocco Spaziani / Spaziani Archive / Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images Apple TV + hopes Oscar-winning filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón can bring some of it Rome magic to theirs streams by getting him to do a TV show. That the world’s second most valuable company has just entered into a multi-year agreement with Gravity … Read more

Matrix Reloaded Retro Review: Wachowski’s Divisive Sci-Fi Sequel

Neo opens a whole new world in The Matrix Reloaded.Picture: Warner Bros. The world’s enthusiasm for the 2003 release of The matrix reloaded was quantifiable. When the original Matrix opened in 1999, it earned a respectable $ 28 million on its opening weekend. Four years later, Reloaded earned almost three times as much for about … Read more

Titanfall, the most important FPS of all time, retrieved from stores

Screenshot: Respawn Entertainment Titan fold, the game that rocked Respawn Entertainment to the status of EA’s star studio, will be pulled from digital storefronts and subscription services on March 1, 2022. This for me? Sutter. However — considering the game’s latest brush with something very bad hacking– It is not very surprising either. Titan fold, … Read more