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New Yorkers who care about their city and state need to nix all four proposals

City voters may not realize it, but the ghost of Mayor Bill de Blasio will haunt their ballots this November — in the form of three stunningly odious measures to boost and redistribute government spending and divide the city along racial lines. A fourth proposal, for state voters, would greenlight $4.2 billion in yet more … Read more

Vertical Neighbourhood Watch | CBD News

Neighbourhood Watch is about neighbours looking out for neighbours, but can this work in our vertical villages? There’s long been debate over what to call our inner-city locales of the CBD, Docklands and Southbank. Are we districts, precincts or can we claim the title of “neighbourhoods”? Of late, there has been a definite trend towards … Read more

Rental providers beware! | CBD News

In March 2021, the Victorian Government passed the most significant changes to rental laws in living history.   According to Consumers Affairs Victoria, the “changes were introduced to expand the rights and responsibilities of renters and rental providers (landlords) and will make renting in Victoria fairer and safer”. The legislation ensures rental providers meet the minimum … Read more

Woman charged after two people allegedly stabbed in the CBD

Brendan Rees | 21st September, 2022 A 28-year-old woman has been charged with a string of offences after two alleged stabbings occurred in the CBD on September 8. Victoria Police said emergency services responded to reports of a stabbing during an attempted armed robbery at the intersection of Flinders and Downie streets about 5pm. Shortly … Read more

It’s time to end NYC’s ‘right to shelter’ decree

With the shelter system at “its breaking point” trying to handle thousands of illegal migrants arriving daily, Mayor Eric Adams oh-so-rightly said that it’s time to “reassess” the city’s “right to shelter” policy. Darn straight. Fact is, the policy — and the underlying consent decree dating back to the Ed Koch years — should’ve gone … Read more

CHP recommends gay men to get monkeypox vaccine first

Two scientific committees under the Centre for Health Protection have said men who have sex with men should be among those prioritized for the monkeypox vaccine in Hong Kong. Monkeypox continues to spread around the world in recent months, with the virus declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization. The … Read more

Fix the laws behind NYC’s housing shortage

One main reason housing is so expensive in this town is that state and city laws make it so expensive to put up new buildings. Kudos to the Citizens Budget Commission for flagging some of the worst in a new report. As CBC head Andrew Rein told The Post, “The status quo risks New York’s … Read more

Hochul again sells out Adams, NYC’s schoolchildren to serve her own interests

After weeks of hemming and hawing, Gov. Kathy Hochul last week signed the odious class-size bill. It’s a gift to teachers-union boss Michael Mulgrew, at the kids’ expense. Capping class size to 20 students in K-3, 23 in 4th through 8th grade and 25 in high school may sound like a grand idea — but … Read more

Celebrating Labor Day 2022

Labor Day was once the most blatantly political US holiday — created by the trade-union movement to celebrate the right of working people to bargain collectively and to stage strikes to press their demands. The Post was an early and vigorous supporter of the movement. As early as 1836, editor William Cullen Bryant wrote: “Strike … Read more

Solicitor sponsors major art prize

A lot of planning goes into arranging a major art prize and finding sponsors is one of the more delicate tasks. Peter Nevile donates the prize money for the runner-up at the Maritime Art Prize & Exhibition. The $25,000 in prizemoney makes it one of the most lucrative in Melbourne. The Australian National Line is … Read more