Hyundai plans $5 billion investment in U.S. on mobility technology

Hyundai plans  billion investment in U.S. on mobility technology

Drew Angerer | Getty Images News | Getty Images Hyundai Motor said on Sunday it plans to invest $5 billion in the U.S. by 2025 to further develop mobility technologies in areas like autonomous driving, robotics, and A.I. The investment comes alongside the automaker’s recent announcement of a plan to spend $5.54 billion to build its first … Read more

Oxfam slams billionaire pandemic ‘bonanza’ as millions face poverty

Oxfam slams billionaire pandemic ‘bonanza’ as millions face poverty

Olga Shumytskaya | Moment | Getty Images A new billionaire emerged every 30 hours during the Covid-19 pandemic, and nearly a million could fall into extreme poverty at around the same rate in 2022. Those are the sobering statistics recently released by Oxfam. There were 573 more billionaires in the world by March 2022 than … Read more

Three fashion designers from regional NSW join sustainability push

Cameron Robert McCormick is a household name in Manilla, which, admittedly, is a town of only a few thousand. He is well-known for teaming up with the local leather maker to create heels inspired by Lady Gaga, dressing girls in custom frocks, and using his fashion-forward mother as one of his models. While not necessarily … Read more

‘Mouth to hell’ is increasing in size and nothing can be done to slow its growth

Citizens from a Russian village have warned that a ‘mouth to hell’ is becoming bigger after it opened in Siberia. Residents in Batagay in Yakutia in Russia have seen the gigantic opening in the Earth which some believe is a passage to the underworld. Local reports have suggested that the sinking mass is continuing to … Read more

Germany tornadoes: Trail of destruction in western regions – Al Jazeera English

Germany tornadoes: Trail of destruction in western regions  Al Jazeera English A tornado swept through Paderborn, Germany, and injured at least 30 people, authorities said  CNN German weather service says storm generated 3 tornadoes  KSNF/KODE – Suspected Tornado Causes Major Damage in Germany (PHOTOS) | The Weather Channel – Articles from The Weather Channel |  The Weather … Read more

GTA, Southern Ontario feeling effects of severe thunder storm

A severe thunderstorm is leaving a trail of chaos in its wake across the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario. Environment Canada put much of Southern Ontario under a severe thunderstorm warning on Saturday. A storm, marked by torrential rain and high winds, moved from London, Ont., through Waterloo and into the Greater Toronto area. … Read more

South LA gets $10M in Caltrans beautification grants

LOS ANGELES (CNS) — The city of Los Angeles has received two $5 million grants to reduce litter and beautify neighborhoods in South Los Angeles. The grants were awarded by Caltrans to the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles. They’ll go to the South Los Angeles Rising and Jordan Downs Beautification and Liter … Read more

Eileen Gilliatt, of Fleet, and Spalding’s Mark Le Sage enjoy a trip to Buckingham Palace for a Royal Garden Party

A trip to Buckingham Palace Garden Party was well worth the two-year wait for a pair of community workers. Eileen Gilliatt and Mark Le Sage were both invited to a Royal Garden Party in May 2020 but sadly this had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. But the wait finally came to an end … Read more

Renault says electric-hydrogen concept will have 497-mile range

Details of Renault’s Scénic Vision concept car were presented to the public on May 19, 2022. The firm’s idea of developing a passenger vehicle that uses hydrogen technology is not unique. Benjamin Girette | Bloomberg | Getty Images Renault has released details of an electric-hydrogen hybrid concept car, with the French automaker describing hydrogen technology … Read more

Solar Orbiter Captures Dazzling Images of the Sun’s Chaotic Activity

The Sun, as seen by Solar Orbiter.Image: ESA & NASA/Solar Orbiter/EUI Team We’re drooling over the latest image dump from the Solar Orbiter mission. These incredible pictures and videos, captured during its close approach in March, highlight the awesome power of this probe to show us our host star in a whole new light. Solar … Read more