A browser extension lets you see dislikes on YouTube (for now)

If you’ve decided that you absolutely can not live without seeing the number of dislikes that videos get on YouTube, there is now a way to get them back, at least for now. A group of developers have created an open source browser extension with appropriate heading “Return YouTube Dislike,” which brings back the antipathy … Read more

Google might actually be making a Pixel Watch for Real

Will a Pixel Watch with Wear OS be the Apple Watch rival Android has been missing?Photo: Victoria Song / Gizmodo The rumor mill has been teasing Android users for years with the possibility of a Google-made Android smartwatch, and a new report indicates that it can actually finally happen. According to one Insider report, Google … Read more

Station Eleven New trailer: HBO Post-Apocalyptic Drama Series

Screenshot: HBO Despite the fact that most of the world’s civilization has died of one super-flu, the survivors who starred in HBO Max’s film adaptation of Station eleven seems to be in a pretty good mood about it all. In a new trailer, a male (played by David Wilmot) even says to the group of … Read more

Gripping robot drone can land on a branch like a freakin ‘bird

Side-by-side comparison of a bird and SNAG landing. Gif: Stanford University / Gizmodo A newly developed, bio-inspired aerial robot can land on a variety of branches and carry objects like a bird. “Birds take off and land on a wide range of complex surfaces,” while “current robots are limited in their ability to dynamically grasp … Read more

New Horizons annoying neighbors? Let them go

The cat Raymond walks around with something important on his heart.Screenshot: Nintendo Nintendos Animal Crossing: New Horizons becomes one other types of video games the more time you spend playing it. After completing an initial handful of tasks intended to turn your new settled on the island to a place where other people would like … Read more

Paleontologists hit a dinosaur jackpot in Italy

An Italian fishing village near the Slovenian border has provided a wealth of Cretaceous creatures, including dinosaurs, crustaceans and crocodile ancestors. The paleontological team says that the fossil trove tells a different story about the ancient Mediterranean than what was previously thought. The site is a quarry in Villaggio del Pescatore, a northeastern Italian city. … Read more

Physicists finally observe the state of exotic matter, which was first predicted in 1973

A team of researchers has observed an unprecedented state of matter called a quantum spin liquid by playing with spins on subcooled rubidium atoms using a quantum simulator. The discovery has implications for the way quantum computers work, and perhaps one day, the environments in which materials can be superconducting. There is lots of states … Read more

Researchers have made a map of the ugly diseases that ticks can give you

The project’s Lyme map, with darker colors indicating the presence of reported Lyme cases in 2019Graphic: Curriero et al / PLOS-One It may be winter in the United States, but it’s always a good time to refresh your innate fear of the creepy crawling that makes us sick. In a new paper this week, John … Read more

Nicolas Cage Dracula Movie adds Awkwafina

It takes more than a good shot with a bow to receive Dracula.Picture: Marvel Studios If you want to try to move against not just any lord of the night, but Nic cursed Cage’s Lord of the Night, you’ll need a team – and Universal’s latest spin on it monstrous world begins to build one. … Read more

Apple is reportedly aiming to replace iPhones with AR glasses

Picture: Spencer Platt (Getty Images) Apple reportedly wants to replace the iPhone with augmented reality glasses in 10 years, a transition that would fundamentally change the way we interact with the digital world. Before you get excited about becoming Tony Stark, we should warn that these ambitions border on imaginative. Let’s start with a little … Read more