Endemic Covid-19 has arrived in Portugal. This is what it looks like.

LISBON – In this football-mad capital of a football-occupied nation, the stadiums are full again. Portugal, a country that was ravaged by the Delta variant of coronavirus earlier this year, now has the highest Covid-19 vaccination rate in Europe and gives a glimpse of a country trying to control what is on the rise degree … Read more

Fatal liver disease associated with obesity is on the rise

About one in four people in the world suffers from fatty liver disease, according to the US National Institutes of Health. Photo courtesy of HealthDay News. Liver disease is usually associated with alcoholism or hepatitis, but obesity and diabetes are becoming an even more serious threat to potentially fatal liver damage, a new study reveals. … Read more

The report uncovers harassment and suffocation death at the nursing home NT Regis Tiwi

A new report has revealed significant breaches of care and quality standards at a nursing home in Darwin, including incidents in which residents were harassed and inadequate care that resulted in a suffocation death. Key points: The federal government’s investigation revealed major violations of Regis Tiwi elderly care in April The home was prevented from … Read more

African efforts to replicate mRNA vaccine target differences

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (AP) – In a pair of warehouses in Cape Town that have been transformed into a maze of air-locked sterile rooms, young researchers are gathering and calibrating the equipment needed to reverse a coronavirus vaccine that has not yet been has reached South Africa and most of the world’s poorest people. … Read more

Security breaches at Mark McGowan’s home in Rockingham will not deter Premier from being vaccinated

Prime Minister Mark McGowan said the security breach in his home would not “deter” him from “keeping society safe” and vaccinated. McGowan’s home was last night under strict police guard after a major security incident that caused him to rush home from a wedding. It is understood that Premier was on his way from the … Read more

Australia Covid updates live: Victoria records 1,935 new cases, 11 deaths; NSW reports 296 infections and four deaths Australia news

Victoria has reported 1,935 new Covid cases and 11 deaths preceded by an expected announcement of additional restrictions that will facilitate when the state reaches its full 80 percent vaccination target. In the first weekend since Melbourne’s 77-day lockdown ended, the state handles nearly 25,000 active cases. There are 787 people in the hospital, which … Read more

Tribute pours in for actor Peter Scolari, who died at 66 – TODAY

Tribute is pouring in for actor Peter Scolari, who died at the age of 66TODAY Peter Scolari, ‘Bosom Buddies’ and ‘Newhart’ star, is deadCNN Peter Scolari died at the age of 66Entertainment tonight Peter Scolari, actor ‘Bosom Buddies’ and ‘Newhart’, died 66 years oldFox News Peter Scolari, ‘Bosom Buddies’ and ‘Girls’ actor, dies at 66Yahoo … Read more

Coronavirus Crisis: Anti-Waxxer Protest by Prime Minister Mark McGowan’s House Fallen – The West Australian

Coronavirus crisis: Anti-waxxer protest at Prime Minister Mark McGowan’s house falls shortThe Western Australian Roger Cook marks announcements of WA opening before 80 percent vaccine barrier is reachedABC News Threats to WA awards Mark McGowan ‘disgusting’, says Health Minister Roger CookPerth Nu Anti-vaxxer death threats slammed as the number of fully vaccinated in WA doubledWAtoday … Read more

Drew Magary’s new book reveals night that changed his life forever

“The story of every middle-aged father,” Drew Magary writes on the opening pages of his memoir, “is the story of a man in vain trying to stand on his team while changing uncontrollably under him.” Uncontrollable, in fact. Magary was in New York on December 5, 2018 for the annual Deadspin Awards at Irving Plaza, … Read more

Workers let go of vaccine rejection may not get EI: What it means for BC

The re-elected federal liberal government raises the possibility that workers will not have to comply with an employer’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate may not find themselves eligible for employment insurance. In an interview for this week’s edition of Vestblokken, Employment Minister Carla Qualtrough said dismissal for non-compliance with a workplace policy – in this case vaccination … Read more