Destroy all people! 2 Recoil connector, PS4

Picture: THQ Nordic / Black Forest Games Devs behind THQ Nordic’s Destroy all people! 2 remake, sometime next year, recently explained in an interview why the remake of the classic cult game avoids PS4, Xbox One and Contact. The team decided to go for larger, more detailed open world levels on next generation consoles instead … Read more

Back 4 blood cards: How to build a killer tire in B4B

Picture: Turtle Rock / Kotaku Mostly, Left 4 Dead 3– wait, no, that’s not what it’s called … for the most part, Back 4 Blood is a first-person shooter about teaming up with your friends to knock down hordes of zombies. But Back 4 Blood reverses the script by including a decidedly non-shooting mechanic: a … Read more