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Why Is Apple Music So Slow? How to Speed It Up

Photo: FellowNeko (Shutterstock) Apple Music’s app is one of its biggest weaknesses of its app-based streaming service, which seems…not ideal. Whether you’re on your iPhone or your Mac, the app has never been known for being particularly snappy; Reddit users in particular love to complain about it. If you’ve found the Apple Music app to … Read more

Can You Get Your Flu Shot and COVID Booster in the Same Arm?

Photo: uniqueton (Shutterstock) When the COVID shots first came out, the CDC wanted to be cautious. It was a new vaccine, after all, so they recommended waiting two weeks before or after getting any other vaccine, including a flue shot. That guidance has changed. You can now get your flu and COVID shots at the … Read more

Here’s Which Coatings You Really Need on a New Pair of Glasses

Photo: Ground Picture (Shutterstock) Buying eyeglasses can feel weirdly similar to buying a new car: Prices are often hidden from you, they cost more than they have any right to—and there are a whole bunch of mysterious upgrades pushed at you. Coatings. I’m talking about coatings: the anti-scratch, anti-glare stuff you can add to your … Read more

How to Tell If You Have Pandemic-Related PTSD

Photo: Chanintorn.v (Shutterstock) The past few years have been incredibly stressful for all of us. From worries about health and safety, to dealing with the death or illness of friends and family, navigating financial hardships due to job loss, or having to constantly adjust for school closures and disruptions in childcare, life has been a … Read more

How Many Steps You Really Need to Take Each Day, According to Science?

Photo: Ljupco Smokovski (Shutterstock) The more you walk, the lower your risk of all-cause and cancer mortality, according to a new study, with the benefits leveling out once you reach 10,000 steps per day. So clearly, that is the number of steps to aim for—or is it? Studies that compare health outcomes to step counts … Read more

Clever Ways to Display All the Art Your Kid Makes This Year

Photo: Africa Studio (Shutterstock) My daughter discovered her love of painting on the first day of kindergarten. She came home with several large masterpieces. She installed them on her bedroom wall using non-paint safe tape and declared the exhibit, “Art-tastic!” We were so proud (and had to later repaint the whole room when we moved). … Read more

The Best Order to Book Your Flight, Hotel, and Car Rental

Photo: GaudiLab (Shutterstock) When you’re budgeting in your pre-travel spreadsheet, you probably book flights first. Airline tickets are usually the most expensive aspect of travel, and it’s instinctive to purchase them first and then plan your car rental and hotel from there. However, this order of operations could be costing you. The savviest way to … Read more

How to Remove Mold From Books (and Prevent It From Coming Back)

Photo: Rick Beauregard (Shutterstock) Given the health risks associated with mold, it’s not something you want in or near your home. Unfortunately, flooding, humidity, and/or improper storage can result in mold growing on basically anything we own—including our books. Health concerns aside, mold can stain the pages of books, causing them to fall apart, and … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the 2022-2023 Flu Shot

Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty Images) It’s flu shot season and, once again, the influenza vaccine is an important one to get. With mask-wearing on the decline, there’s likely to be more of every common respiratory virus around. So you might as well protect yourself against the ones that have safe, effective vaccines readily available. In … Read more

Can You Actually Learn to Play Music From a Video Game?

Photo: Chan2545 (Shutterstock) I’ve been playing music games for the past 10 years and playing music-music for longer than that, and I’m fascinated with how much musicianship you can learn from playing video games. The answer is: Some, and in interesting ways. I’m not in the camp of musicians who sneer at music games for … Read more