Take a look at the largest and most detailed 3D map of the universe ever made

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI), currently pointing toward the sky from its home in the Nicholas U. Mayall Telescope at the Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona, is tasked with mapping the expansion of space, examining dark energy and creating the most detailed 3D map of the universe that has ever been put together. … Read more

Scientists built the world’s smallest antenna, and it’s made of DNA

Scientists have built the smallest antenna ever made – only five nanometers in length. Unlike its much larger counterparts we all know, this little thing is not made to transmit radio waves, but to capture the secrets behind ever-changing proteins. The nano-antenna is made of DNA, the molecules carry genetic instructions that are about 20,000 … Read more

The nature trail near Toronto has turned into a winter landscape with flashing lights

Although the holidays may be over, there are still places you can check out some festive lights in and around GTA like Snow Magic on Ontario Place or the Cavalcade of Lights. If you’re looking for a place to experience some light this snowy season, a park near Toronto has been transformed into a winter … Read more

Why it can be so incredibly important to discover ‘nothing’ in science

In science, as in life, we all like to celebrate the big news. We confirmed the existence of black holes at the ripples they create in space-time. We photographed the shadow of a black hole. We figured out how to edit DNA. We found the Higgs boson! What we do not usually hear about are … Read more

Kelvin Harrison Jr. to participate in Basquiat Biopic Samo Lives

LONDON, ENGLAND – D. 07. DECEMBER: Kelvin Harrison Jr. participates in the British premiere of “CYRANO” at the Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on December 7, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Jeff Spicer / Getty Images for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures & Universal Pictures)Photo: Jeff Spicer (Getty Images) The famous artist Jean-Michel Basquiat gets made another biopic … Read more

Bedding’s new smart bulbs can track your sleep

Bed linen’s new smart bulb can light up a room and help track your sleep time. Picture: Sengled We have become accustomed to tracking sleep with smartwatches and fitness trackers, but having something on your wrist in bed can be annoying. Companies like Google have found unique ways to track sleep using radar, and now … Read more

This supercomputer can also use light instead of electric current

France’s Jean Zay supercomputer, one of the most powerful computers in the world and part of the Top500, is now the first HPC to have a photonic coprocessor, which means it transmits and processes information using light. The development represents the first for the industry. The breakthrough happened below a pilot program that led LightOn … Read more

WATCH LIVE: James Webb Telescope Launches to Study First Stars and Galaxies – PBS NewsHour

WATCH LIVE: The James Webb Telescope is launched to study the first stars and galaxiesPBS NewsHour A new frontier in space exploration | NASA | WION | Latest news | Space | English news | Top newsWION See full coverage on Google News .

5 Out-of-This-World telescopic images of space to get you excited about the JWST launch

The upcoming launch of the James Webb Space Telescope offers unprecedented new possibilities for astronomers. It is also a timely opportunity to reflect on what previous generations of telescopes have shown us. Astronomers rarely use their telescopes to simply take pictures. The images in astrophysics are usually generated by a process of scientific conclusion and … Read more

The Globe’s annual Christmas painting: Rivière du Gouffre, Baie St. Paul

Clarence Alphonse Gagnon. Rivière Du Gouffre, Baie St. Paul, ca. 1920Clarence Alphonse Gagnon. Rivière Du Gouffre, Baie St. Paul, ca. 1920. Oil on panel, total: 16.2 x 23.5 cm. Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Photo © AGO In the depths of a Canadian winter, there is a February day where at noon … Read more