Why now is the best time to book holiday air travel

Don’t be fooled by temporary drops in airline tickets, an expert told FOX Weather, prices are heading back up and airlines are chopping flights for the fall and holiday. The time to buy holiday air tickets on a budget is the next several weeks. “After the chaos of the summer, I’m really happy to say … Read more

Not Upgrading This Year? How to Make Your Old Phone Last

“Should I Get a New Phone?” season has officially started, with Samsung unveiling its latest Galaxy foldables. Apple’s iPhone event typically takes place in mid-September, followed by Google’s Pixel launch. The temptation to upgrade can be strong, as the tech giants power up their marketing machines and carriers promote wild trade-in deals. But the devices … Read more

New York’s best tributes to Klondike’s discontinued Choco Taco

Cancel culture strikes again, and this time it’s a complete freeze-out. The latest casualty? The Choco Taco, that chocolate-dipped, nut-dotted, ice cream-stuffed, waffle-cradled summer treat. It’s gone, kaput, finito, discontinued by cold-hearted Klondike after nearly 40 years in production, due to a post-pandemic redistribution of increasingly scarce and ever-more expensive resources. Even colder: news of … Read more

Can’t lose weight by dieting alone? Researchers have bad news for you

For those who starve themselves to cut calories but still don’t see results — you’re not alone. Researchers at the University of Ottowa have identified a separate group of obese people who are especially resistant to losing weight through dietary changes alone, according to a report published on Wednesday in The Lancet’s eBioMedicine journal. The … Read more

The Central Park Boathouse is closing — will it reopen soon?

Save the Boathouse! But how? Operator Dean Poll is closing the Central Park restaurant on Oct. 16. The Big Apple landmark will shutter due to skyrocketing costs, according to Poll. However you plate it, this is bad news for the city. A darkened Boathouse would leave a heartbreaking hole in the park at a time … Read more

Why anal sex ‘taboos’ put ‘generation of women’ at risk: doctors

Anal sex isn’t the taboo sex act it used to be — especially among heterosexual women. Indeed, the most recent statistics provided by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Center for Health Statistics showed that more than a third — 35% — of women aged 15 to 49 have tried anal sex with … Read more

Google calls on Apple to ‘fix texting’ on phones

Google is blaming Apple for a litany of problems faced by people sending text messages between iPhones and Android devices — and is calling on Tim Cook’s company to “fix texting.”  Apple has refused to update the technology it uses for text messages, resulting in blurry videos and problems with group chats when exchanging messages … Read more

Georgia family blames Propecia for son’s suicide

If going bald was not disheartening enough for some people, the FDA is now requiring that labels for the hair-loss pill Propecia include a warning about “suicidal ideation and behavior.” But it comes too late for the family of Stephen Kenney, a police officer from Doraville, Ga. “We saw the changes [the drug] caused. Steve … Read more

These stocks soared up to 12% after inflation cooled

Amid the euphoria following what appeared to be the first sign of slowing inflation, stocks staged a broad rally on Aug. 10, with dozens of large-cap stocks rising 5% or more. Those included several tech names that investors loved during the early stages of the coronvirus pandemic, along with cruise lines, credit-card lenders and chip-related … Read more