Mask-wearing a ‘personal choice’: Njoo

In a marked shift in tone, Canada’s top public health officials have said that amid restrictions easing in many provinces, continuing to wear a mask is a “personal choice.” Deputy chief public health officer Dr. Howard Njoo made the comments during a Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) press conference on Friday, saying that while … Read more

COVID-19: Multiple variants could infect at once

When a person falls ill with COVID-19, they may not just have one variant attacking them, according to a pair of new studies that suggest less dominant variants may be simultaneously present and hiding in the same infected individual. Researchers believe that several different variants of SARS-CoV-2 could be inside a person’s body at one … Read more

COVID-19: How are virus-related deaths counted?

Along with a drop in the seven-day average of new COVID-19 cases, Canadians have also been seeing a decline in virus-related deaths. From the end of January to the end of February, the weekly average of deaths linked to COVID-19 dropped to 0.16 from 0.44 per 100,000 people. Recent statistics, however, are showing a steady … Read more

Steve Nunez | Washington DC: A great place to visit | News

Family vacations were a regular thing in the Nunez household when I was growing up in southwest Virginia. One of my most vivid vacation memories is when the five of us (Mom, Dad, sister, brother and myself) traveled to Florida (from Virginia) in a Datsun B210 – a mass-produced, small sedan that was known for … Read more

Pre-arrival PCR testing for fully vaccinated Canadians to end: source

The federal government is set to eliminate PCR testing requirements for fully vaccinated Canadians traveling outside of the country, a senior government source tells CTV News. Currently, any person who travels outside the country must provide proof of a negative molecular test, such as a PCR test, prior to returning to Canada. The test must … Read more

Sony Made An AI So Good At GT Sport It Was Driving Like A Jerk

Image: Sony If you want to be really good at something, you pretty much do it as frequently as possible for as long as possible, making headway little by little until you achieve the desired result. Training an artificial intelligence model is not terribly different, and that’s basically how a team at Sony AI – … Read more

Coronavirus: Tourism industry calls for end of testing

MISSISSAUGA, ONT. – The Canadian Travel and Tourism Roundtable is joining a group of doctors to demand the federal government end all COVID-19 testing requirements for passengers. In a statement Thursday, the organization says current travel rules are “obsolete” and out of step with other countries that have removed mandatory testing measures, including the United … Read more

An Illustrated Map Of Clerkenwell – Scattered With Local Memories

Will Noble An Illustrated Map Of Clerkenwell – Scattered With Local Memories Click image for a high-res version. Pre-fab housing, eels, a Lyons Corner House and the ‘Zeppelin Building’ appear on this unusual map of Clerkenwell. Clerkenwell Now & Then is a map illustrated by artist Siôn Ap Tomos, and concocted from the memories and … Read more

COVID-19: Why are so many patients on call in hospitals?

Nearly 80 percent of the Canadian population has been vaccinated with at least two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. However, with studies pointing to the protective benefits of these vaccines, it may be enigmatic to see that the majority of virus-related hospitalizations in most provinces involve people who are fully vaccinated against the disease. In … Read more

Pandemic fatigue leaves Canada in a ‘tricky moment’, Freeland says

OTTAWA – Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada is at a “tricky moment” as we near the two-year mark of a global pandemic that has left everyone tired, grouchy and grasping for signs of hope. Freeland, who is also the deputy prime minister, told Liberals at a weekend virtual convention for the Ontario wing of … Read more