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Tesla robot slowly walks on stage at AI Day

Washington, DC CNN  —  Tesla revealed on Friday a prototype of a humanoid robot that it says could be a future product for the automaker. The robot, dubbed Optimus by Tesla, walked stiffly on stage at Tesla’s AI Day, slowly waved at the crowed and gestured with its hands for roughly one minute. Tesla CEO … Read more

These are the Best Budget Track Cars for Beginners

Photo: Ford “Man, there are so many different schools of thought to what makes a good track car. FWD? AWD? RWD? Theres probably four or five of each of those that would be perfect. Is it a DEDICATED track car, or something you daily and also track? It’s just so wide open. “But If I … Read more

What Do You Want to Know About the Audi RS5 Competition?

Photo: Audi So you’ve got about $90,000 burning a hole in your pocket. You decide you want to spend it on something fast, comfortable and — most importantly — German. You see, you’re a discerning individual, someone of elevated taste and class, as people with $90,000 to throw around tend to be. What car should … Read more

Ford Seeks New Trial After $1.7 Billion Jury Verdict in Truck Rollover Lawsuit

In new court filings Monday, Ford said it was unfairly precluded from providing evidence that would have demonstrated the truck involved in the fatal incident was safe and the roof structure was stronger than many of its peers. The trial is over a 2014 crash that killed two members of the plaintiffs’ family. The family … Read more

California’s EV Push Hinges on More Power—and Help From Drivers

California aims to add millions of new electric vehicles in the coming years. Charging them without impairing an aging grid will require more power generation and help from EV drivers. This summer, the state faced the threat of rolling blackouts during an extended heat wave and asked people to avoid charging and using major appliances … Read more

Ford’s Latest Supply-Chain Problem: a Shortage of Blue Oval Badges

Ford F -3.60% Motor Co. has delayed deliveries of certain vehicles because it didn’t have the blue oval badges that go on them, in another example of how supply-chain challenges have hit auto makers. The car company has run into supply constraints with the brand-name badges and the nameplates that specify the model, according to … Read more

Growling Powell causes Goldman to cut its S&P 500 price target. Again.

During the height of the bull market – which, boy, seems so long ago – the call-option crazy punters inhabiting the Wallstreetbets channel had a favorite meme to explain why stocks would keep going higher. “Money Printer Go Brrr” featured a Rambo-esque Jay Powell, chair of the Federal Reserve, determinedly firing out greenbacks to whoever … Read more

At $7,499, Is This Very Basic 2000 Jeep Cherokee a Deal?

If you’re looking to live a life of luxury, then today’s Nice Price or No Dice Jeep is not the car for you. If instead, you like the idea of cranking your own windows and shifting your own gears, then we have much to discuss. That will include this simplistic Cherokee’s price. The comments on … Read more

Ford stock drops more than 4% as supply costs to jump by $1 billion, parts shortages to leave more cars unfinished

Ford Motor Co. shares dropped more than 4% in the extended session Monday after the company said inflation and parts shortages will leave it with more unfinished vehicles than it had expected, reminding Wall Street supply-chain snags are far from over for auto makers. Ford F, +1.43% said it expects to have between 40,000 and … Read more

AMBER Alert issued for 7-year-old girl taken by car thief in Portland – KATU

AMBER Alert issued for 7-year-old girl taken by car thief in Portland  KATU Amber Alert canceled: Portland girl, 7, found safe  KOIN.com 7-year-old girl missing from east Portland  Fox 12 Oregon Car stolen in Southeast Portland with sleeping 7-year-old inside  KGW.com Breaking news: Missing Portland girl, 7, found safe in stolen Honda Civic near Laurelhurst Park  OregonLive View Full Coverage … Read more