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Garber recalled in book on pathbreaking women sportswriters | Local News

In my very brief career covering sports in the early 1990s, I was on sidelines, in press boxes and the occasional locker room. I was almost always the only woman sportswriter at these games, but I was treated fairly and professionally. No smirks, harassment or inappropriate behavior that I can recall. For that, I can … Read more

Fall books preview: 64 books to keep you warm as the weather cools

Illustration by Marcelle Faucher/SOURCE: iStock Ah, fall – publishing’s months-long version of the Met Gala. This season brings the expected parade of Big Books, the 500-plus pagers, which, in the following list, includes fiction from heavy hitters Barbara Kingsolver, John Irving, Ann-Marie MacDonald and Orhan Pamuk, as well as meaty non-fiction from Siddhartha Mukherjee, Gabor … Read more

Ray Dalio says watch out for rates reaching this level, because Wall Street stocks will take a 20% hit

After that CPI shock earlier in the week, Wall Street is bracing for a fresh batch of data including retail sales, on Thursday, with a deepening yield curve inversion between 2- and 10-year bonds giving off ever gloomier economic signals. There’s good news though, as a disastrous rail strike may be averted. There’s no cheering … Read more

Kobo’s Clara 2E E-Reader Aims to Beat Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 5

The $100 Kobo Nia is one of the cheapest ad-free e-readers for digitizing your reading library, but it lacks many features that can greatly improve your reading experience. For just $30 more, the new Kobo Clara 2E brings better screen lighting that’s easier on the eyes, plus two important upgrades that should put a dent … Read more