Locusts Can Smell Cancer, And It Could Give Us a Brilliant New Way to Save Lives

Scientists have demonstrated that locusts are adept at differentiating healthy human cells from cancerous cells using their sense of smell – and that could open opportunities for detecting the disease earlier, improving the chances of recovery.   Even better, the insects can actually pick out individual cancer cell lines, suggesting that the type of cancer, … Read more

Extinct Pathogens Ushered The Fall of Ancient Civilizations, Scientists Say

Thousands of years ago, across the Eastern Mediterranean, multiple Bronze Age civilizations took a distinct turn for the worse at around the same time. The Old Kingdom of Egypt and the Akkadian Empire both collapsed, and there was a widespread societal crisis across the Ancient Near East and the Aegean, manifesting as declining populations, destruction, … Read more

The Human Mind Is Not Meant to Be Awake After Midnight, Scientists Warn

In the middle of the night, the world can sometimes feel like a dark place. Under the cover of darkness, negative thoughts have a way of drifting through your mind, and as you lie awake, staring at the ceiling, you might start craving guilty pleasures, like a cigarette or a carb-heavy meal.   Plenty of … Read more

The Disturbing Reason a Man’s Voice Grew Mysteriously Hoarse Over a Year

Over the course of a year, a man’s voice grew progressively more hoarse and his speech became shrill and grating, but he didn’t know why. Upon examining the man, doctors discovered the reason: Fungus was growing in his throat.   According to the report of the man’s case, published Thursday (4 August) in the journal JAMA … Read more

The TB Vaccine Mysteriously Protects Against Lots of Things. Now We Know Why

When babies in the African countries of Guinea Bissau and Uganda were given the tuberculosis vaccine, something remarkable happened. Instead of the vaccine only protecting against the target bacteria – Myocbacterium tuberculosis – the tuberculosis vaccine offered broad protection against a range of unrelated infections, including respiratory infections and serious complications such as sepsis.   Australian researchers have … Read more

An AI Just Independently Discovered Alternate Physics

Grab any physics textbook and you’ll find formula after formula describing how things wobble, fly, swerve and stop. The formulas describe actions we can observe, but behind each could be sets of factors that aren’t immediately obvious.   Now, a new AI program developed by researchers at Columbia University has seemingly discovered its own alternative … Read more

A Fourth Person Is Effectively ‘Cured’ of HIV, And It’s The Oldest Patient Yet

AIDS researchers announced on Wednesday that a fourth person has been “cured” of HIV, but the dangerous procedure for patients also battling cancer may be little comfort for the tens of millions living with the virus worldwide.   The 66-year-old man, named the “City of Hope” patient after the Californian center where he was treated, … Read more

Dietary Supplement Cuts Risk of Hereditary Cancer by 60%, Scientists Find

A trial spanning more than 20 years and almost 1,000 participants worldwide has found an important result – people with a condition that gives them a higher chance of developing certain cancers can reduce the risk of some of those cancers by more than 60 percent, simply by adding more resistant starch to their diets.   … Read more