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Queen Elizabeth II funeral: ‘Furious’ Harry snubbed dinner with Charles after Meghan’s Balmoral ban

Prince Harry reportedly refused to dine with Charles and William on the night his grandmother died because he was so furious at Meghan being banned from Balmoral while the Queen was on her death bed. On September 8, as the Queen was dying at her beloved Balmoral holiday home, the royal family rushed to be … Read more

"We'll Do it Together": Will and Kate Reflect on Queen's 'Extraordinary' Life – The Royal Family Channel

“We’ll Do it Together”: Will and Kate Reflect on Queen’s ‘Extraordinary’ Life  The Royal Family ChannelView Full coverage on Google News

Queen Consort Camilla keeping private home

Queen Consort Camilla is to keep using her privately-owned home in Wiltshire. The 75-year-old royal bought six-bedroom Ray Mill in Wiltshire – which is just a short distance from her husband King Charles’ private residence Highgrove – over 25 years ago after she divorced first husband Andrew Parker Bowles and enjoys the relaxed surroundings away … Read more

Will and Kate's First Engagement since Queen's Funeral – The Royal Family Channel

Will and Kate’s First Engagement since Queen’s Funeral  The Royal Family Channel Is it time for Britain to abolish the monarchy? | The Stream  Al Jazeera English The Queen’s Personal Piper Plays her to Rest  The Royal Family Channel Britons in Singapore gather to mourn Queen Elizabeth  CNA What Happens During the Next Seven Days of Royal Mourning?  The Royal … Read more

Man dragged from Government House for writing ‘abolish the monarchy’ in Queen condolence book

A man has been thrown out of South Australia’s Government House for protesting the monarchy. Video posted to social media show the man being forced off Government House in Adelaide at 11.30 Thursday morning by three police officers. It is reported the man was ejected because he held a sign and wrote “ABOLISH THE MONARCHY” … Read more

Prince Harry didn’t deserve to be humiliated at Queen’s funeral by the royal family

Truly I did not expect to find myself feeling desperately sorry for Prince Harry. Yet as the days of mourning for his beloved grandmother passed by, this young man appeared to suffer humiliation after humiliation. Grief, shame and anger passed continuously across his face and I could only pity a man who still, to me, … Read more

Queen was ‘very hurt’ after Harry, Meghan quit royal family, new book claims

Queen Elizabeth II was privately “very hurt” by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to quit the royal family, a bombshell new book has claimed. Her Majesty — who passed away earlier this month at the age of 96 — reportedly shared her sorrow of the situation with a close friend, who in turn spoke … Read more

Queen was ‘exhausted’ by Prince Harry, Meghan Markle ‘turmoil’

The Queen was “hurt” and “exhausted’ by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to quit royal life and the ensuing drama they caused. The late monarch — who died at age 96 on Sept. 8 — reportedly confided to a friend that “she was exhausted by the turmoil of their decision,” writes royal scribe, Katie … Read more

Anthem for Queen Elizabeth’s funeral contained ‘hidden Unionist code’ claim Scottish nationalists

Sir James, who was a high-profile supporter of the Union ahead of the 2014 independence referendum, said he and Ms Weir, who was born in England to Scottish parents, were considered “the Wrong Kind of Scots”. He wrote: “One patriot tweeted angrily that I ‘have to move back to England’ because I’m ‘not a Scottish … Read more