It’s Official. Vitamins Don’t Do Much for Health

This transcript has been edited for clarity. Welcome to Impact Factor, your weekly dose of commentary on a new medical study. I’m Dr F. Perry Wilson of the Yale School of Medicine. Vitamins. If you are like the majority of American adults, you took a vitamin or supplement recently. Over-the-counter sales of these products in … Read more

Bruce Willis’ Wife Emma Heming Says Putting Her Family’s Needs Before Her Own ‘Took A Toll On My Mental Health’

Town Corey Atad. 2 hours ago Sometimes people need to put themselves first before they can help others. In a new interview with Emma Heming, wife of actor Bruce Willis, the model opened up to The Bump about her struggles looking after her family without attending to her own self-care. READ MORE: Bruce Willis Is … Read more

What You Should Know Before Self-Publishing a Book

Photo: Bruce VanLoon (Shutterstock) If you have a big idea the world needs to read about, you can write a book — but the publishing world is hard to break into and tricky to navigate. What does an agent do? What is a query letter? Do you have to know someone who knows someone to … Read more

Kelly Clarkson shares unexpected engagement news in heartfelt post that sparks reaction

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Toronto’s Black Hair Salons Helped Me To Embrace My Heritage & My Hair

This Essay article is part of a Narcity Media series. The views expressed are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of Narcity Media. Being born biracial poses some different challenges in terms of finding strength in your identity. I was raised in a single-parent household by my white mom in small-town … Read more

Helena Christensen plunges into the ocean in sheer white dress in jaw-dropping beach photo

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Drew Barrymore promises to ‘put wellness first’ in the middle of the self-care journey

Drew Barrymore promises to ‘put wellness first’ in the middle of the self-care journey | Go to content Top navigation Close this dialog window Explore Close this dialog window Share and more Close this dialog window See picture Drew Barrymore shares candid message about self-care, promises to ‘put wellness first’ this link is … Read more

Shania Twain looks incredible in the leopard print outfit in a stunning selfie during her visit to London

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