Doing this one thing before bed can help you get a better night’s sleep

Including a shower in your bedtime routine can help you sleep a little easier, according to one expert. Sleep specialist Olivia Arezzolo, author of Bear, Lion, Wolf, said that the COVID pandemic caused the average person’s sleep to get worse, with people spending hundreds each year on supplements to improve their rest. “It’s a continuing spiral … Read more

The Human Mind Is Not Meant to Be Awake After Midnight, Scientists Warn

In the middle of the night, the world can sometimes feel like a dark place. Under the cover of darkness, negative thoughts have a way of drifting through your mind, and as you lie awake, staring at the ceiling, you might start craving guilty pleasures, like a cigarette or a carb-heavy meal.   Plenty of … Read more

16 Subtle Signs Something More Serious May Be Wrong With Your Health

Photo: hxdbzx (Shutterstock) Most of us perform at least a little bit of due diligence to maintain our health. We watch what we eat, we exercise, we see a doctor once a year, and we monitor ourselves and our bodies for abnormalities and ominous signs. You can absolutely take that too far, and tip over … Read more