STARBURST brand to be discontinued in Australia after supply chain issues

One of the world’s largest confectionary manufacturers has been forced to respond after Australians suddenly struggled to find Starburst lollies on supermarket shelves. One Sydney TikToker revealed she’d been searching for the lollies everywhere, in a video that has been watched 250,000 times. “Can someone tell me where these lollies went?” she said, “I’ve been … Read more

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, dumpster diving has become a lifesaver for some families doing it tough

When she worked for a supermarket, Ann witnessed huge bins of produce being thrown out at the end of each shift. She says the employees couldn’t take the wasted items for a reduced price or free of charge. “It made me really angry. It made me question the corporations’ approach to waste and their environmental … Read more