First Volunteers Set to Get Experimental Lyme Disease Vaccine in Large Clinical Trial

Image: Shutterstock (Shutterstock) A large-scale trial for a crucially needed vaccine has just gotten underway. Over the weekend, the first volunteers enrolled in the trial testing out a Lyme disease vaccine candidate developed by Pfizer and Valneva. Researchers hope that the multi-dose shot will protect kids and adults against six strains of the bacteria that … Read more

What to Know About Lyme Disease, Because It’s on the Rise

Photo: Heiko Barth (Shutterstock) Lyme, the most famous tickborne disease, is growing more common than it used to be—at least judging by health insurance data that includes Lyme diagnoses. Our friends at Gizmodo recently covered new data about the (sorry) uptick, which roughly aligns with CDC estimates. So what do you need to know to … Read more