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Can You Get Your Flu Shot and COVID Booster in the Same Arm?

Photo: uniqueton (Shutterstock) When the COVID shots first came out, the CDC wanted to be cautious. It was a new vaccine, after all, so they recommended waiting two weeks before or after getting any other vaccine, including a flue shot. That guidance has changed. You can now get your flu and COVID shots at the … Read more

Queensland’s COVID-19 mandate for masks on public transport to be scrapped

Queensland is ending the requirement for people to wear face masks while on public transport. Key points: The rule will be relaxed for staff and commuters from midnight The Health Minister asked the public to respect those who chose to continue wearing masks Masks will still be required in vulnerable settings, by close contacts and those who have left … Read more

New Pre-Print Study Implies Airborne COVID-19 Antibodies Post-Vaccination

Since the rollout of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, many researchers have speculated on the possibility of transmission of vaccine particles from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated, more commonly known as “vaccine shedding.” Though these speculations are routinely fact-checked, anecdotal stories of unvaccinated people who become infected with COVID-19 or have experienced strange symptoms after contact with … Read more

Polio New York: State disaster emergency declared after virus found in Nassau County wastewater

NASSAU COUNTY, Long Island (WABC) — Nassau is the latest county in the state to detect polio in the wastewater — indicating community spread. Gov. Kathy Hochul declared a state disaster emergency amid “evidence of circulating polio.” The declaration will allow more types of providers to administer the polio vaccine, like pharmacists, in effect, making … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About the 2022-2023 Flu Shot

Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty Images) It’s flu shot season and, once again, the influenza vaccine is an important one to get. With mask-wearing on the decline, there’s likely to be more of every common respiratory virus around. So you might as well protect yourself against the ones that have safe, effective vaccines readily available. In … Read more

Where to Get the Shots – NBC4 Washington

The newest COVID-19 vaccine booster will be available at vaccination sites in Washington, D.C., starting Wednesday, Sept. 7, officials announced. The new boosters are known as bivalent boosters, meaning they target both the original COVID-19 strain plus the omicron, BA.4 and BA.5 variants. “We fully expect that the updated bivalent vaccines containing BA.4 and BA.5 … Read more

COVID-19 statistics to move from daily to weekly reports across Australia, health ministers say

Australian states and territories are no longer going to publish daily COVID-19 case numbers, with health ministers deciding to move to weekly updates on new infections. Key points: The decision follows a meeting of health ministers last week Figures will be consistently reported across jurisdictions Federal Health Minister Mark Butler said it will bring states and territories in line with … Read more

Queensland in ‘new stage’ of COVID-19 pandemic, changes to vaccine mandate, reliance on health directives and reporting flagged

Queensland’s Health Minister says the state has reached “a new stage of the pandemic” and authorities will move to change its approach to managing COVID-19. Key points: Daily reporting of COVID statistics will be wound back from this weekend A blanket COVID-19 vaccine mandate direction for private health care workers will be lifted National cabinet … Read more

Susan Clarke pleads guilty to vaccine fraud after paying NDIS recipient to have COVID-19 jab on her behalf

An Adelaide Hills woman has pleaded guilty to vaccine fraud after she paid someone else to have a COVID-19 jab on her behalf so she could provide proof to her employer. Key points: Susan Clark attended a vaccine clinic in January with Tania Marshall Police said Ms Marshall was paid to receive the COVID vaccination on … Read more