A Version Of Valve’s Portal Is Kinda Running On The Nintendo 64

Valve’s Portal, released in 2007 (!), is one of the last games you’d expect to see the humble little N64 being able to manage, and yet here we are in 2022, seeing it manage it quite nicely. Programmer James Lambert has been working on a Portal demake for Nintendo’s system for a little while now, … Read more

Xbox Network Had A Rough Weekend, Raising DRM Questions

Photo: Fabian Sommer / Picture Alliance (Getty Images) If Xbox Live was Microsoft’s online gaming service at the height of its powers, then this past weekend was Xbox Dead. For more than 36 hours in mid-May, Xbox players had trouble connecting to the Xbox network. In some cases, players say they could not even play … Read more

Nintendo Switch Sports Fans Are Accidentally Smashing TVs Again

It’s like we’re back in the 2000s. Cropped cardigans are making a comeback, Biden is still in the White House, and Nintendo dropped a Wii Sports sequel in the form of Switch Sports. The nostalgia is so uncanny that players of Nintendo’s quirky sports simulator are once again flinging controllers from their hands directly into … Read more

Sony Stops Subscription Stacking

Image: Sony Sony will no longer let users stack subscription memberships to PlayStation Plus or PlayStation Now, a policy shift blatantly preventing PS5 users from scoring long-term discounts on the revamped PlayStation Plus service. The new PS Plus, now broken into three tiers — Essential, Extra, and Plus — essentially combines PlayStation Now and the … Read more

It’s Once Again Time For The Coolest Nintendo Cartridge Art

If you’ve never heard of Me Famicase Exhibitionit means you probably have not visited this site in April beforebecause ever since the exhibit’s debut in 2005 we’ve been covering its annual showcase of incredible cartridge art. Japanese game store Meteor is home to the gallery, which every year invites both local and international artists to … Read more

Reggie Fils-Aimé Endorses Blockchain Tech And Play-To-Own Games

Let’s just get the easy, obvious joke out of the way now: Reggie’s body is ready for the blockchain. Very funny, moving on… But yes, apparently the former Nintendo of America COO and president is a fan of blockchain technology and play-to-own games, with the caveat that it “makes sense for the player.” At last … Read more

Sony Forcing Devs To Make Free Two Hour Demos For PS Plus

Image: Sony When Sony combines PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now in June, its new most expensive tier will be $ 18 a month and include time-limited game trials. But most games do not currently have such demos. To fix that moving forward, Game Developer now reports Sony will require all developers of games at a … Read more

PS5 Quietly Gets Nice New Variable Refresh Graphics Feature

Image: Sony Any PC gamers among you, or even more serious Xbox owners (who have had this for years), will be familiar with technology called Variable Refresh Rate, or VRR, a feature that allows for “A dynamic display refresh rate that can continuously and seamlessly vary on the fly”. That feature is coming to PS5 … Read more

What’s Happened Now That Xbox Series X Is Easier To Buy

Image: Microsoft After an astonishing 17 months since release, Microsoft’s latest generation of Xboxes is finally more easily available. As a result, the publisher is seeing its first good month for sales in a very long while, with the Xbox Series S and Series X bringing in more money in March than even Nintendo’s Switch. … Read more

Crusty PlayStation Leads To Bomb Scare At Boston Intl Airport

Passengers at Boston’s Logan International Airport were evacuated from a terminal on Saturday and the local bomb squad called in after TSA agents found a “suspicious item” inside a Delta passenger’s bag that turned out to be a “PlayStation”. As The Hill report, agents sounded the alarm after discovering a PlayStation — it’s unclear which … Read more