A Version Of Valve’s Portal Is Kinda Running On The Nintendo 64

Valve’s Portal, released in 2007 (!), is one of the last games you’d expect to see the humble little N64 being able to manage, and yet here we are in 2022, seeing it manage it quite nicely. Programmer James Lambert has been working on a Portal demake for Nintendo’s system for a little while now, … Read more

Dead Space Remake – Official Art Deep-Dive Part 1 (Creating Immersive Environments) – IGN

Dead Space Remake – Official Art Deep-Dive Part 1 (Creating Immersive Environments)IGN .

You Can Now (Try And) Play The Leaked 2001 Duke Nukem Forever Build

Image: Duke Nukem Forever You know how yesterday we wrote about that 2001 build of the infamous Duke Nukem Foreverand how it was supposed to be released to the public in June? Yeah, by “June”, they meant “the day after”, because it’s now available to download and try out. Everything present in the 4chan leak … Read more

Gotham Knights: Good News for PS5, Xbox Series X – IGN Daily Fix – IGN

Gotham Knights: Good News for PS5, Xbox Series X – IGN Daily FixIGN Gotham Knights dated for October, is a current gen exclusiveDestructoid Gotham Knights’ Pre-Order Skin Celebrates the Batcycle’s First DC Comics AppearanceCBR – Comic Book Resources Gotham Knights: PS4 and Xbox One Versions Canceled – IGNIGN Gotham Knights Will Only Be Available On … Read more

Mass Effect 4 Merch Has Fans Talking About Shepard’s Return

Screenshot: EA If there’s one thing Mass Effect‘s Commander Shepard has earned, it’s some goddamned rest. Over the past 24 hours, flavor text for a promotional product, as spotted by a YouTubersent fans into a tizzy of speculation that the galactic hero would be returning in some sort of new adventure. But the fan-favorite role-playing … Read more

Nintendo plans 10-for-1 stock split; says Switch sales to fall 9%

Nintendo announced a 10-for-1 stock split on Tuesday as the Japanese gaming giant aims to make its shares more appealing to retail investors. Shareholders have been calling for a stock split for some time to boost the liquidity of the gaming giant’s shares. The move will take effect on Oct. 1 this year, when each … Read more

EA Is Once Again Developing A Lord Of The Rings Video Game

Image: EA I know licensing is not the sexiest topic, but when it comes to certain properties — like Star Wars and major sports — it plays a super important role in what games we get to play and who makes them. Which is my way of explaining why I’m writing about the surprise announcement … Read more

Stunning Unreal Engine 5 3D Video May As Well Be Real Life

The video you’re about to see is not camera footage of the Etchū-Daimon train station in Japan. It is a video made by 3D artist Lorenzo Drago. Created in Unreal Engine 5, with lighting from Lumen, Drago says he did “all modeling, texturing, lighting and animation” in the clip, with the exception of the foliage … Read more

Unreleased Version of Duke Nukem Forever Seemingly Leaks – IGN Daily Fix – IGN

Unreleased Version of Duke Nukem Forever Seemingly Leaks – IGN Daily FixIGN Duke Nukem Forever’s 2001 build appears online, may fully leak in JuneArs Technica Duke Nukem Forever 2001 build leaked, ‘looks real,’ says creatorPolygon The Lost ‘Duke Nukem Forever’ Is Real And Could Release SoonCracked.com Unreleased Version of the Infamous Duke Nukem Forever Seemingly … Read more

FFXIV Mod Drama May Prompt Official HUD Upgrades, Director Says

Screenshot: Square Enix As part of a larger blog reiterating the Final Fantasy XIV team disapproval of mods following their prevalence in a high-profile raid event, producer and director Naoki Yoshida promised to improve the massively popular game’s HUD to match the functionality of these unofficial tools. “We believe that people use [mods] to expand … Read more