Taliban says failure to recognize government could be a problem for ‘the world’

The Taliban says the United States’ failure to recognize its government in Afghanistan could lead to “for the world.”

Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told reporters on Saturday that the Afghan people have the right to have their government recognized by the United States, Reuters reported.

“Our message to America is that if the recognition continues, Afghan problems will continue, it is the problem of the region and may become a problem for the world,” Mujahid said.

He told reporters that “the issues that caused” the 20-year war in Afghanistan could have been resolved through negotiations and “political compromise,” Reuters noted.

The Taliban quickly took over Afghanistan in mid-August as the United States and allied forces withdrew.

The United States officially withdrew from Afghanistan on August 31, ending the nation’s longest war. The group unveiled its caretaker government in early September.

No country, including the United States, has since recognized the Taliban government, although some nations have pursued varying levels of engagement with the rebel group.

The international community has repeatedly raised concerns about whether the Taliban would rule in the same way as they did when they last held power, despite the Taliban’s claiming it would not.

The United States agreed earlier this month to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan following talks in Qatar, but reiterated that it would not recognize the Taliban as the Afghan government.


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