Tarneit Business Association is established

The state government will spend $ 40,000 to establish a business association in the Tarneit Activity Center, as part of a $ 2.5 million investment in the area through the Suburban Revitalization program

The project will include early engagement with local merchants; establishing a governance structure (model rules, priorities, action plan and meeting plan); development of a digital media platform for communication and establishment of association activities.

The development of the Tarneit Business Association will be led by the Wyndham Council, as through

engagement with the community and companies, will identify leaders and influencers in Tarneit to develop the organization.

The structure of the association will most likely be a non-profit / incorporation type, where the members are volunteers, and the association will be able to apply for grants, provide activities and provide advice and feedback to the council and other bodies.

Once the Tarneit Business Association has been established and assisted for a period of three to six months, the Wyndham Council will resign and the association will run independently.

Tarneit Revitalization Board Chairman and Tarneit MP Sarah Connolly said: “This new business association will improve the local economy after COVID.

“By bringing together Tarneit’s local businesses, the association can provide new and improved networking opportunities, while ensuring that challenges and opportunities are adequately addressed.”

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