Taylor Swift covers Carole King’s ‘Tomorrow’ at the Rock Hall Ceremony

Taylor Swift officially inaugurated the 36th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame party with a tribute to Carole King, singing a show opening cover of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow”.

Speaking of King’s blockbuster film “Tapestry,” released 50 years ago, Swift said: “It was a landmark moment for people in the world with emotions and for cats who have big dreams of one day ending up on iconic album covers.”

Dressed in a one-piece black and gold trouser suit, Swift ‘performed the decades-exciting hit in front of an audience of 12,000 at the ceremony, which was held at Cleveland’s Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse.

That song has a special place for the 79-year-old singer-songwriter, also famous for hits like “You’ve Got a Friend” and “It’s Too Late,” Will You Love Me Tomorrow “was a monster hit for Shirelles in 1960, as King was only a songwriter and not yet a record artist, she re-recorded it for her solo album “Tapestry”, which after its release in 1971 became what was then one of the greatest albums ever – currently it is 13 times platinum, and it still has record in most consecutive weeks at No. 1 on the Billboard charts for a female artist (15).

Also included as part of the tribute was a video tribute featuring stars such as Sara Bareilles and Elton John. In the video, Tom Hanks said that “Tapestry” was without a doubt the best music ever.

King thanked Taylor for carrying the torch for songwriters and called her “my professional grandson”

Swift and Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson shared the stage to honor King and celebrated her second inauguration in the hall. King and Hudson appeared together on the cover of Variety this summer, where they talked about their experience writing a new song for Aretha Franklin’s biography “Respect,” in which Hudson starred. King said in that interview that although she rarely leaves the state of Idaho anymore, she would make an exception for the Hall of Fame.

King has previously presented Swift with the American Music Award for Artist of the Decade in 2019. “Over the years, I have known some amazing songwriters, and I have also known some amazing singers and performers,” King said in his speech on that broadcast. “It’s rare to see all these talents in one person … She is one of the only modern pop artists whose name (sometimes) appears as the only songwriter in her song credits. Her lyrics resonate across all generations , her songs touch everyone, and her influence around the world is extraordinary. “

Still Coming Tonight: Drew Barrymore will be ready to inaugurate the Go-Go’s. Bassett will be the presenter for Turner, as she famously portrayed in the movie “What’s Love Got to Do With It.” Christina Aguilera, Mickey Guyton, HERE and Keith Urban (step in for Bryan Adams) will perform Turner’s songs. Paul McCartney will deploy Foo Fighters with a planned set that will include a Beatles song, Variety have learned. Also a medley of Rolling Stones songs in honor of the late Charlie Watts is ready to be performed. It tells a source Variety that Foo Fighters rehearsed “nothing but Rolling Stones songs” ahead of their pop-up show Thursday night at Cleveland’s House of Blues. Among the set of songs, the band jammed to “Tumbling Dice”.

Additionally, the Go-Goes let one out of the bag with an interview on Sirius XM on Friday, saying Eminem will attend. Sources confirm that Eminem is ready to deploy LL Cool J in the hall. Pharrell Williams also recorded a tribute to the inmates Kraftwork. Lionel Richie will also inaugurate executive Clarence Avent in the hall tonight, having flown in earlier in the day one day after performing at his Las Vegas residency at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort.

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